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Morehouse Farms Merino Wool 3 Ply Yarn

Merino Wool 3ply | Bulky Merino Wool | Morehouse Patterns & Knitkits |


Morehouse 3 Ply Worsted Weight Solids

Morehouse 3Ply Handpainted Multicolors



It's Pure Morehouse
This 3 Ply Worsted weight yarn is Morehouse Farms most popular weight yarn. An incredible value - this is HOME GROWN yarn!

Beautiful Colors
The colors of this wool yarn are as vibrant and beautiful as they appear on the left. Probably more. It's hard to capture the depth of the color of these beautiful hand dyed yarn beauties. Great for sweaters, scarves, wraps and mittens, we love this yarn for almost anything.

Did We mention how soft it is? Ultra Soft.
A really soft wool
- soft enough for babies, which makes it a great baby blanket yarn or baby cardigan yarn. Please see our free knitting patterns, which work with wonderfully with this yarn, or the great Morehouse patterns that come straight from Morehouse and are free with our knitkits.

Morehouse Merino yarn is hand-dyed in small individual batches at Morehouse farms studio, in the Hudson Valley, in New York State.

Each batch is unique. While the color combinations are the same for each batch, how the colors flow into one another and how the individual skeins of yarn absorb color, may change with each batch. Please order enough for your project!

Please note: This yarn is discontinued, so what we have is all there is. Please order enough for your project.

This Rollneck Raglan Takes 7 Skeins of bulky.

See all Morehouse Original Bulky Patterns

Morehouse Merino yarn is made by Morehouse farms studio, in the Hudson Valley, in New York State.

Each batch is unique. No two batches of the handpainted variegated yarn will ever be exactly the same. Please order enough for your project

Baby hat & Booties: 1 skein; Baby Sweater: 2 skeins; Toddler Sweater: 4 Skeins; Adult Sweater: 9 Skeins

Note: Handpainted yarns are kept in stock. Occasionally, a color must be custom ordered..this usually takes 3-4 days, so at most there will be a few days delay. We'll let you know when you order!

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