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Atenti Pioneer Bag
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Atenti Maxi Tote
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Atenti Pioneer Bag

So cool: Atenti Knitting and travel bags and totes

Atenti Designs Knitting Totes, Bags and Accessory storage pouches feature tapestry, embroidered velvet fake fur and shag with leather trims, wooden handles and eye-popping colors—knitting fashion never felt so fun!

Whether for strictly knitting or for a great travel bag, Atenti Bags will carry your stuff in style. With plenty of internal pockets, and roomy storage, knitting projects will travel undercover fabulously in fake fur, tapestry, velvets and other unique fabric bag designs. From large overnighters to small coordinating knitting accessory pouches—tote your projects in the manner to which they should be accustomed! Handmade in the USA.