Interchangeable needle sets are the ultimate in convenience and organization. For those of us who are always jumping from project to project, they also offer the ability to switch or start new projects on the fly. When you're traveling, they're indispensable, because of COURSE you are going to forget the one set you need to start the project you just HAVE to start right now!

  • ADDI CLICKS: nickel plated, hollow, light with the famous addi finish
  • ADDI CLICK BAMBOO: famous ADDI finish, click closure, but with a natural touch, for those who prefer bamboo
  • ADDI CLICK ROCKET (Short tip): The new lace points are slightly finer, and the range of sizes and lengths tend longer and smaller for those who focus on lace or detailed patternwork.
  • ADDI CLICK ROCKET (Long tip): The newest member of addis family—this set features longer tips for ease of handling, with the same extra-fine tips for fine yarn work. In a fabulous pink case, too. This sets fits right inside the Della Q Interchangeable Kit Set, too!
  • KA BAMBOO SWITCH: (Screw Joins) A natural bamboo set that act and feel more like 'regular' bamboo needles, not as slippery as the CLICKS - also, quite a few more cables in this set, with a fabric case available in a choice of patterns
  • LANTERN MOON Rosewood and Ebony Interchangeables: I have to admit, I love these—I mean, I love the ADDIS, too—but for me, there is just nothing like the feel of Rosewood or Ebony—and Lantern Moon has perfected a finish on these sets that makes them just a Joy to knit with—just slippy enough, but the right amount of traction, and the tips are just the right amount of sharp. Great range of sizes, from 3 to 13! Amazing!