Why do we love The Fibre Company? Two Words. Fiber + Color. Their amazingly pure color palette, combined with interested fiber combinations, in a variety of ever-popular weights, and incredible patterns made us fall in love with the Fibre company. They are unique artisan yarns, but aren't the funky, wacky kind - but really classy and classics. We are starting with two of their most beautiful - the brand new MEADOW, and amazing Canopy Fingering... a beautiful alpaca blend fingering weight that is heaven to touch.

A relatively new company, the Fibre Company was founded in 2004 by Iain Stanley and Daphne Marinopoulos as a spinning mill and processing center.

Focusing on interesting blends of natural fibers, the unique yarns are all carefully developed to achieve the perfect combination of softness and structure. The beautiful, saturated and sophisticated colors in the lines are all kettle dyed to create a subtle variation in tone and color.