Fuzzy Yarns

Belangor French Angora
Plymouth Pure Angora

Blue Sky Brushed Suri

jade sapphire cashmere AAAH bulky
jade sapphire cashmere OOOH bulky

Malabrigo Mohair lace
Shibui Silk Cloud
Rowan Kidsilk Haze Silk Mohair Knitting Yarn
Artyarns Silk Mohair Yarn (Lace)
Artyarns Silk Rhapsody Mohair (Worsted)
Be Sweet Brushed Mohair (worsted)

What is a fuzzy yarn?

Fuzzy can be a whole lot of things. Lets start with some of our favorites. First, there is fuzzy that is just naturally fuzzy, because of the animal - an example of this, the best we can thing of, is Angora, which is a long fiber and when it is plied creates a fuzzy halo of soft angora. It's why we like to pet bunnies. Then, there is MOHAIR. The mohair goat produces another long staple fiber, that creates a halo, and it can be straight, as in Artyarns Silk Mohair or Shibui's silk mohair. Or it can be a boucle, like Be Sweets Mohair Boucle. This a naturally occuring loop in the fiber. Mohair can be a problem for people with skin senstitive to texture, which is why it is often blended with other fibers, like merino, silk or cotton. Be Sweet produces an amazingly soft, pure BRUSHED mohair, which is less scratchy than other pure mohairs. If you are sensitive, we recommend trying a combination yarn, first.

BRUSHED fuzzy yarns are a bit different - brushed usually means the yarn has actually been brushed out - so it is software and the halo is more integrated into the base fiber. OOOH, which is pure brushed cashmere, is about the softest thing ever - and is a beautiful example of the kind of texture you can get when you brush out a luxury fiber like cashmere. Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Artyarns Silk Mohair and Silk Mohair Glitter, as well as SHibui's Silk Mohair, are all beautiful examples of mohair that is blended with another fiber to create extra shine and softness. Silk also gives mohair a little bit more body - so it is not as FLOATY as pure mohair.