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malabrigo rios Zodiac Collection
Malabrigo Mohair lace
Malabrigo Noventa bulky
Malabrigo Metamorphosis Sock
malabrigo silky merino
malabrigo caprino
malabrigo verano
malabrigo arroyo


malabrigo merino sock
Malabrigo Ultimate Sock
Malabrigo Metamorphosis Sock
Malabrigo Mohair lace
malabrigo silkpaca
malabrigo baby merino lace


malabrigo verano
malabrigo silky merino
malabrigo Dos Tierras
malabrigo arroyo
malabrigo finito
Malabrigo Susurro
Malabrigo CAPRINO
malabrigo mechita


malabrigo rios (Superwash Merino)
Malabrigo WASHTED
malabrigo merino worsted solid
malabrigo rios Zodiac Collection


malabrigo rasta
malabrigo Noventa
malabrigo chunky
malabrigo caracol
malabrigo mecha
malabrigo nube roving
Malabrigo Yarn Comparison

What's the diff? Click pic for closeup. Good example of some confusing Malabrigo yarn weights (Left to right) comparing Worsted, Bulky, Bulky/Aran and Super Bulky.

MALABRIGO PATTERN books: HERE'S the latest books or SEE ALL THE Malabrigo BOOKS. click book to look inside!

Malabrigo Book 20 Mechita/Sock


Malabrigo Book 21 Socks Ultimate


Malabrigo Book 19 Rasta


Malabrigo Book Sail Away


Malabrigo Book 18 Rios and Washted


Malabrigo Book 17 Ponchos and familia


Malabrigo Book 16 Verano


Malabrigo Book 15 Time for Hats


Malabrigo: affordable, beautiful yarn from Uruguay

Malabrigo... affordable, hand-dyed wool and wool blends in beautiful colors from lace to bulky + Free shipping on Malabrigo at Fab! Merino soft enough for babies, yet funky and artistic enough for your most creative projects. Eco-friendly, environmentally sensitive yarn from Uruguay.

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Malabrigo Yarn is a Uruguayan fiber company cooperativa that produces wonderful yarns from their very own world reknown sheep. Hand-dyed yarns in bulky wool, ultra-soft merino wool in a variety of weights, from worsted to sock to lace, these kettle-dyed and handpainted yarns are made by a small, family-owned company in Uruguay. They work with a cooperative to create wonderfully organic looking, funky and beautiful yarns. Yarns are produced in small batches in great quality, and each lot of these yarns has it's own characteristics.

About Malabrigo

Malabrigo is a family owned yarn company located in Uruguay making their own special hand-dyed yarns of incredible softness and wonderful color variations. Made of the softest fibers available and inspired by nature, as well as landscapes, places, art and day-to-day life. This is reflected in thier naming of 18 yarn varieties and their range of over 300 colors.

"We produce yarn because we are passionate about it. We believe in the pleasure of knitting with good-quality, carefully designed, subtly dyed yarns and in the joy of wearing whatever is made out of them. Our wish is to continue developing yarns and colors to inspire people all over the world, and in return be inspired by them."

MALABRIGO: Family-run and sustainable

Malabrigo started small, when two brothers-in-law started dyeing wool in a kitchen pot back in 2005. After achieving good results, they started selling a few skeins to the US and before they knew they had quickly grown to other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. To keep up with this growth, they needed to relocate to larger facilities and hire more employees.

In 2010 the factory added a flat-plate thermal heating system to decrease the environmental footprint. Using the power of the sun, the water tanks are heated for the various processes to make your favorite yarns. The company employs environmentally safe practices using as little water and as few chemicals as possible. Their Superwash manufacturing process meets Oeko-Tex standards, so the yarn is free from a range of harmful substances often found in manufacturing.

Malabrigo employs mostly women of all ages, and always tries to give job opportunities to people that have fewer opportunities than the average.

MALABRIGO: best quality makes it super soft

Most of Malabrigo yarns are made with 100% Uruguayan Merino wool. Uruguay has one of the biggest wool supplies in the world, and for a good reason as it is of an extremely high quality, especially in regards to softness.

Their wool is 100% produced by Uruguayan farms that allow their free-range sheep through the hills and are herded by actual old-style shepherds. The controversial practice of mulesing does not exist in Uruguay. Their materials come from the best suppliers available in Uruguay and around the world.

Some Malabrigo yarns use other fibers, such Silky Merino (a blend of Merino and top-quality Silk), Mora (100% Mulberry Silk) and Silkpaca (Baby Alpaca from PerĂº and top-quality Silk). As well as the brand new Dos Tierras, a blend of 50% Merino/50% Baby Alpaca from PerĂº.