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The Luxury Yarn store with your passion at heart!

Some people wonder about the recent explosion in crafts. Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, embroidery—rug-making, doll-making. For us it all boils down to one thing—the spiritual energy and fulfillment that you get from taking something, something like String (ie, yarn) and turning it into something else (like knitted garments) with our hands.

Our yarns and yarn selections spring from our own love of fiber. This store and website was not built with an eye towards commerce. It was built because there is so much fabulous fiber out there—and we are yarn harlots—yes, we are—and want to inspire everyone else in the world who responds to the essence of fiber in the form of yarn. We want to inspire you with wonderful, exotic, unusual yarns that you just can't get ahold of anywhere else. We don't want to spoon feed you the mass produced yarn that is available all over the web, and the world. We want to present you with yarn that made us go 'ooooh' and hope that you, too, will do the same!

Special Requests

Found a yarn you love? Email us and we'll help you find a project. Need to order a special color—we do that, too. No yarn is to funky or too fabulous for us—and we keep finding more. If you know of a yarn we should stock, some knitting project that will inspire us, and others, please share it. There's nothing like getting someone else jazzed about yarn—when it's been inspiring you for years, it's only right to share it!