all about fabulous yarn

We are an independent, online and brick and mortar luxury yarn and fiber shop. We focus on specialized, handspun, handmade and fabulous yarns for the most discriminating of knitters and crocheters.

One of the most important things you need to know about FAB is that we are not a huge company, we are not a completely automated business, we are not a warehouse. We are a very small, highly specialized retailer of luxury yarns, both online at at our teeny but lovely store in Tivoli NY.

Fabulousyarn evolved from a hand knit business called fabsweaters, which was started in 2003. When you run a handknit business, you have tons of yarn sitting around - and people kept asking to buy it - so I started selling it.

What started as a small addition to a totally different business became it’s own thing in January of 06. And what started as a simple website devoted to one or two yarns has evolved into an obsession for us, a web site devoted to, well, fabulous fibers. We’ve grown and grown over the past year, and have made the commitment to brick and mortar after all our customers hounded us to do it. And our relatives. And our local patrons. People got tired of digging thru the warehouse. This is our second attempt. Our first was a disaster owing to flooding and mold. We don’t want to talk about it.

Why a yarn store in Tivoli, New York? Well, it started with our friend Lisa. She's a real estate agent, and our space is next to Gary DiMauro Real Estate (if you're looking for wonderful properties up here, I highly recommend them!). One look at this space - and we just had to do it. Besides getting all the yarn out of our attic, and saving ourselves serious head injury from the crossbeams, we now are part of a wonderful community.

All around are wonderful eateries - for a list, checkout Our new space, in Tivoli, NY, is fabulous, beautiful, and just waiting for you to visit. See the Come Visit Us Page, to get directions, store hours, and, well, come visit us!