Jade Sapphire cashmere yarn

jade sapphire 2ply lace
jade sapphire 4-ply
jade sapphire zageo 6-ply
jade sapphire 8-ply
jade sapphire genghis
jade sapphire oooh
jade sapphire aaah
jade sapphire mmm brushed cashmere
jade sapphire peeeps brushed cashmere/wool
jade sapphire 2-ply
jade sapphire sapphire silk boucle
jade sapphire sylph
jade sapphire reluxe
jade sapphire handspun
jade sapphire angelwing
jade sapphire cashmere colorbox


Jade Sapphire Cashmere Scarf kit for HER in 8 Colors, 7 Patterns
Jade Sapphire DUO Cashmere Scarf Kit--Four skeins of cashmere in two colors with 7 patterns
Jade Sapphire Cashmere Scarf kit for HIM in 7 Colors, 7 Patterns
Jade Sapphire OOOH COWL Pattern
Jade Sapphire OOOH SCARF Pattern
Jade Sapphire Genghis Headband Pattern
Jade Sapphire OOOH Blanket Pattern


Jade Sapphire is one of the world's most highly regarded purveyors of hand dyed cashmere and other luxury yarns, and here at Fab is one of the world's best places to find that special yarn. We've got Jade's super luxurious handspun and kettle-dyed cashmere in a full range of weights and plys from lace to bulky including 2-ply, 6-ply, 8-ply. Plus lacey lamb in lambswool! With our huge selection and discount prices you know you'll be getting a deal. But the best reason to shop at Fab is our personal service—customers come back knowing they can get the help they need on such a special purchase!