Della Q Knitting bags, cases and totes

Knitting Needle Cases and Crochet Hook Organizers

Della Q 	Straight Needle Rollup fits up to 60 Pairs!
Della Q Trifold Circular Needle Case
Della Q 	Combo Needle Case (Circular and Straights!)
Della Q Circular & Double Point Case
Della Q The Que Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case
Della Q The Que DOUBLE Interchangeable Knitting Needle Case
Della Q Double Point Rollup
Della Q Crochet Rollup
Della Q Double Point and Crochet Case
Della Q Solely Socks Sock Needle Case
Della Q FLEXIFLIP Knitting Needle Case holds FULL SET OF ADDIT FLEXIS
Della Q GRAND Circular Needle Case -holds 21!
Della Q 	QUE Circular Needles Cases ON SALE


Della Q Cleo Yarn Caddy
Della Q Pippa Yarn Thingy
Della Q Tess Caddy (Large)
Della Q Isabella Knitting Tote
Della Q Willa Knitting Tote
Della Q Lena Knitting 
Della Q Priscilla Lunch Sac
Della Q Cotton Print Project Bags
Della Q Molly Messenger Tote

Della Q Knitting bags and needle cases

Gorgeous knitting bags, totes, knitting needle cases, and knitting tool pouches in elegant silk and exquisite craftsmanship turn you from an obsessed bag lady into a trend-setting knitter. Beautifully detailed, with a satiny interior that doesn't catch on yarn, plus interior storage for needles, change and even a phone pocket, these knitting bags, coordinating knitting needle cases and knitters tool pouches are just the thing to bring knitting into the 21st century.

Who is Della Q?

Della Q is a company focused on producing exotic and original knitting bags with a decidedly fashionable flair—no quilted paisley prints here! Quilted Silk Bags, striped Shantung bags, from knitting needle cases, project bags, including knitting bags with handwork beading and embroidery.