Della Q Knitting bags and cases

Della Q Knitting Needle and Crochet Cases

Della Q 	Straight Needle Rollup fits up to 60 Pairs!
Della Q 	Combo Needle Case (Circular & Straights!)
Della Q 	QUE Circular Needles Cases ON SALE
Della Q Double Point and Crochet Case
Della Q Circular & Double Point Case
Della Q The Que Interchangeable Needle Case
Della Q Crochet Rollup
Della Q Double Point Rollup
Della Q Solely Socks Sock Needle Case
Della Q GRAND Circular Needle Case -holds 21!


Della Q Tess Caddy (Large)
Della Q Cleo Yarn Caddy
Della Q Pippa Yarn Thingy
Della Q Isabella Knitting Tote
Della Q Willa Knitting Tote
Della Q Lena Knitting 
Della Q Priscilla Lunch Sac
Della Q Rosemary Wrist Tote
Della Q Cotton Print Project Bags
Della Q Molly Messenger Tote

Della Q Knitting bags and needle cases

Who is Della Q? Della Q is a company focused on producing exotic and original knitting bags with a decidedly fashionable flair—no quilted paisley prints here! Quilted Silk Bags, striped Shantung bags, from knitting needle cases, project bags, including knitting bags with handwork beading and embroidery, all made in Vietnam, and part of an effort by Della Q to provide a means of income and support to Vietnamese women entrepreneur. In a way, these are 'green' bags, helping these women to make their way, while producing wonderful knitting bags, totes and circular needle cases. Luxury knitting items for us, sustanence to the women who produce them.

Della Q's Gorgeous Knitting bags, totes, knitting needle cases, and knitting tool pouches turn you from an obsessed bag lady into a trend-setting knitter. Beautifully detailed, with a satiny interior that doesn't catch on yarn (!), and interior storage for needles, change and even a communications device, these knitting bags, coordinating knitting needle cases and knitters tool pouches are just the thing to bring knitting into the 21st century, as Mr. Gore would say.