Galler YARNS

Belangor Angora
Galler Prime Alpaca Heathers
Fab Yarns Prime Alpaca Naturals
Galler Inca-Eco Organic Cotton
Galler Inca-Eco Organic Cotton

Galler Yarn

Featuring the legendary Belangor—THE authentic French Angora. This decadent luxury fiber comes in a variety of gorgeous, luminous shades, from the only breeder left in France who humanely grooms his rabbits.

And still here from Galler, their multi-colored hand-dyed yarns called Prime Alpaca Heathers. (The natural undyed yarns Peruvian Tweed and Prime Alpaca Naturals formerly from Galler are now available only here at Fabulous Yarn.)

We also feaurure Galler's Inca Eco Cotton—a beautiful, fantasy-spun Okeo-Tex Organic Cotton. This Peruvian Cotton is exceptionally soft and luminous. The soft texture and breathable nature make it a very wearable fiber. In addition, the natural qualities of the fiber gives this yarn exceptional strength, durability and absorbency.