Myak Yak Lace
Myak Baby Yak Medium
Myak Yak/Silk Light

No knitter worth their needles can resist the soft, rustic charm of this 100% pure yak knitting yarn from MYAK. The long, silky strands of yak yarn twist easily into cozy knits that will make your latest scarf, sweater or afghan project a real showstopper. Yak yarn is known for being exceptionally durable and insulating, yet light and breathable, perfect for keeping you warm all season long without feeling bulky or heavy.

Myak Yak Medium

Myak has been living and working with the nomadic herders of the Tibetan Plateau for more than twenty years, respecting their traditions and sharing their way of life and work. More than simply purchasing the fiber obtained from the combing of the baby yaks and the cashmere goats they are contributing towards the future of a nomadic population representing one of the most ancient in the world.

Myak Yak Lace Treated with the utmost respect for its natural origin and artisanal skills involved in its processing. Pastures are controlled to avoid animal overcrowding and down is collected through combing and not shearing. No depigmentation and high-quality manufacturing, with carded spinning, reserved for the world’s most precious yarns.