ZEN | interchangeable needle sets | Rosewood 5 inch Tip

ZEN Interchangeables | Rosewood 5 Inch Tip

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makes a great giftOur new Zen Interchangeables are amazing! This set in gorgeous, sustainably harvested rosewood will help you create knitting magic. Huge set of 12 (5 inch) tip sets (you get 2 each of the US4 & 5) tips and 4 cords accomodates most knitting needs, a beautiful tighter and extenders - all tucked in their own fabulous faux-leather case. Also included is a beautiful Rosewood inlay shawlpin! FABULOUS.

These Zen interchangeables feature 5-inch tips ending in a brass cap that fits securely into the detachable cords that swivel, which means your tips won't unscrew as you knit because your cable won't be twisting and turning! LOVE IT! Beautifully grained, hand polished, this set comes with a tightener, end caps, and three cords (you can purchase more separately.

includes 10 Tip Sizes: 3.5MM (US #4) + 3.75MM (US #5) + 4.0MM (US #6) + 4.5MM (US #7) + 5.0MM (US #8) + 5.5MM (US #9) + 6.0MM (US #10) + 6.5MM (US #10.5) + 8.0MM (US #11) + 9.0MM (US #13)
includes 3 Cords/Accessories: 60CM (24 INCH) + 80CM (32 INCH) + 100CM (40 INCH) + END CAPS/STOPPERS + custom faux leather case

We've also got 5" Tip Zen Interchangeables in Ebony or you may prefer the shorter 3.5" tip Interchangeables in either Ebony or Rosewood.

For help choosing your interchangeable needles see below.

Zen Interchangeable Ebony Sets
Zen Interchangeable  Ebony 3.5in Sets
Zen Interchangeable Rosewood Sets
Zen Interchangeable Rosewood 3.5in Sets
Zen Interchangeable Ebony Sets
Zen Interchangeable Ebony Sets
Zen Interchangeable Rosewood Squared Tip 5in Sets
Zen Interchangeable Cords
Zen Rosewood Tips
Zen Rosewood Endcaps

Choosing Tip length: 5" tips are the most common and great for most projects. The smaller 3.5" tip length is needed for smaller circumference projects - or if you prefer a shorter tip because of your knitting style. To knit 16" projects with shorter cords, you'll need the short tip set. Remember, the actual cord size varies - but what they make is a 16, 20, 24, 32 or 40 inch needles when attached (measuring tip to tip)

Choosing wood vs metal tips: While metal generally knits faster and so sometimes preferred by experts, Wood gives you a warm, nice touch to the skin feel so may be more comfortable, and is also the better choice for beginners. The hand polish on our Zen needles provides for easy slippage with no grabbing.