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Addi Knitting Needles


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Knitters Pride Nova PLATINA Interchangeable Needle Set

Knitters Pride NOVA Platina Interchangeable Needles  

Nova lace long-tip click interchangeable knitting needle set

Tip Sizes Cords/Accessories

9 tips:
* US #4
* US #5
* US #6
* US #7
* US #8
* US #9
* US #10
* US #10.5
* US #11

4 Cords:
* 1 24 inch)
* 2 x (32 inch)
* 1 x 40 inch)
Size Markers
End Caps
Cord Keys
Plastic Carrying Case



Knitters Pride came out with this fantastic set - hollow tube ånickel plated brass with their special finish, that make these smooth and silky.Now they've improved them with a better finish, called PLATINA - and a slightly sharper point. Included are all the accessories you need to keep you knitting no matter how far and wide you travel. Add a Della Q Wallet (single set or double set version) and you can get thru security in a single bound.

$70.72 or less after fab discounts
(reg $88.40) discounts apply at checkout

Add an interchangeable
Della q Wallet
(single or double!)

Add Della Q Case $32 Single/$40 Double


This set is great with the Della Q Interchangeable Travel wallet

The della 180 will hold one set of these fabulous interchangeable needle sets - the 190 will hold two sets - of any sets - Addi, Dreamz, Cubics or Novas!


Want to dress up your Novas? Try a Della Q or Offhand Design SWITCH cases!
Della q interchangeable needle case
Della Q's cases in pure silk protect your needles in style.

Offhand Design Interchangeable Cases
Offhand Designs brocades and flocked velvets are a fabulous way to tuck your interchangeables into whatever bag you happen to be carrying.