ADDI | CLICK Interchangeables | Olivewood Tip set

Addi Interchangeables | Olivewood Click (Natura) Set

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TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE: Due to supply chain issues as a result of COVID restrictions, OLIVEWOOD is in very short supply. If you like us to put you on the list for this product, we are happy to let you know when it is back in stock!

A luxurious and beautiful rendition of the Click Interchangebles - a beautifully grained Olivewood Tip set with brass connectors. 8 tips, and this kit features SOS cords, with the special stitch-saver feature. No tools, no screwing in, no stripped threads - just insert the tip into the cord, twist and click - you're ready to knit! Awesome! Tip Length is 5"

Tip Sizes Cords/Accessories
8 tips:
* 3.5mm (US #4)
* 3.75mm (US #5)
* 4.0mm (US #6)
* 4.5mm (US #7)
* 5.0mm (US #8)
* 5.5mm (US #9)
* 6.0mm (US #10)
* 8.0mm (US #11)

3 SOS Cords :
* 60 cm (24 inch)
* 80 cm (32 inch)
* 100 cm (40 inch)
1 Connector
Addi Heart Pin
Needle Size Gauge Carrying Case


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