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Fabulous Knitting Needles from Knitters Pride, Brittany, our own Custom Made ZEN & Surina Wood Needles, and Jumbo knitting needles from the Bagsmith!

Single Point Needles in Rosewood, Ebony, Surina and Maple Needles      
  brittany single point knitting needles   Surina Wooden Knitting Needles     Lantern Moon Knitting Needles        
Knitters Pride Color Finished Single Point Needles in 10" and 14" Lengths   Brittany Knitting Needles: Single Point   Surina Swivel Top Wood Knitting Needles   The Bagsith Big Stitch Jumbo Knitting Needles in Basswood   Lantern Moon Luxury Knitting Needles (Single point, circular and Sox Stix DP's)          

Single point needles in Ebony, Rosewood, Birch and Surinawood


The right tools are essential to any job, from woodworking to sewing - and knitting is no exception. Also no exception is the amazing range of knitting needle choices there are. Hundreds of companies make knitting needles, so really, how does one choose?

For a lot of knitters, choosing the right needle is about price. Knitting needles can vary in range from $1 to $150 for custom made artisan needles. And there are LOTS of in betweens. Below, we go into the types of needles we carry and what the differences are between needles, and what difference that will make to your knitting.

We find that what yarn you are using, and the skill level of the knitter, are the two determinants of what type of knitting needle to use.

The beginning knitter

The best pair of knitting needles for a beginning knitter is one with a fair amount of traction, so that you can control the yarn you are using, and a light weight - so your hands don't get tired as you enter this incredible world where not infrequently, you can get sucked into hours of intense concentrated knitting. Brittany is the needle we reccomend most to beginners - they are made from controlled growth Birch, so no rainforests are being destroyed to produce these needles





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