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Knitters Pride Marblz Interchangeable Needle Set!


Marblz interchangeable knitting needle set

Tip Sizes Cords/Accessories

9 tips:
* US #4
* US #5
* US #6
* US #7
* US #8
* US #9
* US #10
* US #10.5
* US #11

4 Cords:
* 1 24 inch)
* 2 x (32 inch)
* 1 x 40 inch)
Size Markers
Cord Case
8 End Caps
4 Cord Keys
Cord Connectors



$72 after fab discounts (MSRP) $90
Just in new new Marblz Interchangeable Needles gift set - this set is wonderful to knit with, it's soft acrylic tips are easy on the hands, and the color coded cords make it easy to switch and swap tips and cords. The Set includes 9 tips (4 - 11, includes a 10.5) in a faux leather zip case with cords, connectors, endcaps and cordkeys.



Add an interchangeable
Della q Wallet

$30.40 after fab discounts (reg $38 (carries one set)


Marblz in the Della Q Interchangeable Travel wallet


Also in the kit - a knitting gauge, cords, cord connectors and endcaps - all tucked in a zippered pocket in the case.
Marblz interchangeable knitting needle set



Want to dress up your Marblzs? Try a Della Q or Offhand Design SWITCH cases!
Della q interchangeable needle case
Della Q's cases in pure silk protect your needles in style.

Offhand Design Interchangeable Cases
Offhand Designs brocades and flocked velvets are a fabulous way to tuck your interchangeables into whatever bag you happen to be carrying.



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