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110 Yards of beaded and sequins love. Crisp, shiny - wonderful for lightweight shawls or even crocheted jewelry- this is a stunning choice for any project!

free pattern Ebook with purchase: Incl 7 Gorgeous Patterns for this yarn!

artyarns beaded silk with sequins light


FIBER: 100% Japanese Silk with Italian murano glass Beads & Sequins (MOST COLORS AVAIL WITH CHOICE OF SILVER, GOLD OR GUNMETAL BEADS & SEQUINS)

LENGTH: 50 grams 100 meters/110 yards

GAUGE: 5 Stitches per inch on US#6 (*Suggested Gauge Only: this yarn works up wonderfully on any size needle, depending upon the effect you are after. For needle size, we recommend checking the project and testing your gauge to make sure you get the right feel with this yarn)

SOURCE: HAND-MADE and dyed in the US from imported japanese silk

CARE: dry clean/handwash| AIR DRY LAYING FLAT