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Mohair Knitting Yarn

Artyarns Silk rhapsody Mohair Yarn (top) and Kid Mohair Silk Yarn (bottom)
  When people hear the phrase Mohair Yarn, they immediately think 'expensive'. Mohair has a reputation as a luxury fiber and it's true - there's nothing quite like a mohair sweater or scarf, (except, of course, cashmere!) and how great is it to have a handknitted Mohair Sweater that you didn't pay $800 dollars for? From our gorgeous Artyarns We have quite a few variations on the mohair yarn theme - from handpainted silk/mohair from artyarns, to slubby handspun mohair from Be Sweet Yarn. Be Sweet has two fabulous Mohair Boucles - one with a larger loop, the Be Sweet Boucle, and the other with an extra fine loop Be Sweet XF Mohair Boucle- both are incredibly soft - and can be brushed for a completely different look! In the mood for something Bling-y? Check out the embellished yarns like the Artyarns Splash, which self patterns with sequins and beads, the Beaded Mohair with Sequins, or the Beaded rhapsody which is gorgeous with a touch of glam.
  Be Sweet Mohair XF Boucle   Be Sweet Mohair Boucle   be sweet slubby yarn        

Be Sweet Extra Fine Mohair Boucle Yarn $12 Discountable


Be Sweet Mohair Boucle


Be Sweet Slubby Mohair
$20 Discountable

Artyarns Mohair Yarn   ARtyarns Silk Rhapsody
  Be Sweet African Bead Ball        

Artyarns Silk Mohair Yarn
$18.50 discountable


Artyarns Silk Rhapsody Mohair
42.50 discountable


African Bead Ball
Mohair boucle w/ beads and glitter


  Artyarns Splash with Beads and sequins   artyarns beaded mohair with sequins   Rhapsody beaded        

Artyarns Splash Yarn
$35.00 (discountable)


Artyarns Beaded
Mohair with Sequins

$44 (discountable)


Artyarns Beaded
Silk Rhapsody

$54 (discountable)

  artyarns   rhapsody glitter            

Artyarns Silk Rhapsody with Beads & Sequins$64.00 (discountable)


Artyarns Rhapsody Glitter
$44 (discountable)








Yukon Mohair Yarn

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Content: 35% Mohair/35% Wool/30% Acrylic
Put-Up: 100 Gram Skeins
Care: Handwash
St. Per Inch
: 2 Suggested Needle size: 15
usage: approx 4 for a toddler sweater/8 for an adult Sweater



Yukon, a bulky, gorgeous handknitting yarn, is a beautiful example of how a simple yarn can make the most fabulous statement. This mohair handknitting yarn is distinguished by an amazing twist and depth of color highlighted by the fiber blend. It's super soft, and very rich and easy to work. Imported by Plymouth Yarn

  Looking for Mohair? Check out....  
  Artyarns Silk Mohair Yarn: Kid Mohair Yarn with a wonderful silk core  
  Mohair Yarn  
  Silk Rhapsody Mohair Yarn - Gorgeous variegated handpainted silk and mohair yarn...  
  Or perhaps with some holiday Sparkle??? Silk Rhapsody Glitter Mohair Yarn  

Plymouth Yarns Yukon, a Bulky Mohair Knitting Yarn, shown in Eggplant
Kale 33
Dark Navy 87
Eggplant 81
Tomato 42
Winter White 70
Charcoal Blk 88
Light Grey (678) Pumpkin 02
Quantities are updated every 24 hours.
Mohair Yarn Knit Kits

Mohair Tassle Trimmed Hat
Includes yarn and free Pattern


Yarn Colors

One kit for all size hats

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Mohair Roll Neck Kids
Sweater & Knit Kit
Includes yarn and free pattern


Yarn Colors


Brittany Needles for this project




What is Mohair, anyway?
Mohair comes from the Angora Goat

Natural, Animal Fiber
Very durable
Wrinkle and stretch-resistant
Easy to dyeEnd Uses:
Mohair is the wool from the angora goat. It is a silky, lusterous, versatile and durable fiber often used to make apparel such as, coats, suits, dresses, sweaters, accessories, loungewear, and socks. Miscellaneous items include: hair for dolls, beards for Santa Claus figures, blankets, upholstery, draperies, carpets and rugs.
Kid Mohair fleece is the first shearing from a young angora goat. It is very fine and soft handling. Fineness ranges from 23-27 microns with a staple length of 100 to 150mm.
Goatling is the second shearing from a goat and is also fine and soft. Fineness ranges from 27-30 microns with a staple length of 100-150mm.
Adult Mohair is the fleece from the mature goat. It is fine to coarse with a fineness of 30 microns onwards and the staple length is also 100-150mm.SPINNING MOHAIR
Spinning mohair is similar to spinning angora or merino wool. One can spin a soft, lofty yarn with plenty of elasticity with these following tips:
card only when blending colors
use a light tension on the wheel
put more twist into the singles to keep the yarn strong when it is plied


Mohair yarn - Where does it come from?

Where does mohair come from - from the Angora goat of course. This breed originated in the province of Ankara (Angora) in Turkey many centuries ago. Indeed, the word ?Mohair? comes from the Arabic word ?Muhayyar? which when translated means ?material from goat hair?. The first evidence of the angora goat dates back to the fourth millennium before Christ. Since that time the breed has been carefully refined so that today it yields a soft, fine yet extremely strong fibre perfect for pile fabrics.

Angora Goats
Angora goats are very temperature-sensitive animals which need to be reared under precise climactic conditions -- summers that are not too hot -- which would cause their pastures to dry out -- and winters that are not cold-- which would lead to a decimation of the herds through disease and lack of food.

The ideal conditions for angora goats are found primarily in 3 areas, namely South Africa, Turkey and Texas in the United States. However, Angora goats are now increasingly being reared in other parts of the world - for example in 2000 Australia and New Zealand each produced 3% of the entire world production of mohair

In its natural state the fur of the Angora goat is white, curly and shiny. A typical angora goat gives up to 4 kg of fleece per year in 2 shearings (once in summer, once in winter). Mohair fleece is classified into 3 grades. The first and most expensive class is kid mohair. As you would expect, kid mohair is extremely soft and fine with a fibre thickness of 24-29 microns. The next class comes from young goats and usually has a fibre thickness of between 30-33 microns. And finally the third class is fleece from adult goats with a thickness of 34-40 microns.



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