Addi Turbo Lace | Circular Lace Knitting Needles from 16" to 60 Inch sizes US000 to US13

Addi turbo Lace circular needles

$10.45 OR LESS After FAB discounts. 
(Free Shipping on orders over $75!)

(Purchase a full set & receive an xtra 5% Off!)

ADDI Lace are a lace knitters dream - with a super-sharp tip and a fab brass with a turbo finish that just has the right amount of grab for those zillion-stitch lace projects. Holds your yarn right where you want it - yet has a soft, perfect glide when you need to move. And the TIP! :)

ADDIS range in price from 13.06 to 26.50 before the discounts, depending upon tip size. Free Shipping on orders over $75. Purchase a full set of needles and receive an extra 5% off the individual needle price.

Addi Turbo® Lace circular needles were created for precise knitting. Perfect for lace, sock and all-around knitting! Aggressively tapered all-brass tips, and a ultra-pliable blue cord make the newest addition to the addi® line a best-seller. The clear choice for picky knitters!

Tips on the Lace Circulars are as follows:

  • 16 & 20" needle lengths have 3.5" tips
  • 24 - 60" needle lengths have 5" tips

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