KNITTING NEEDLES | ADDI | Turbo | Rocket 16-60" circular knitting needles
FEATURING lace tip & Turbo finish

Addi turbo rockets circular needles

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Addi Rockets: the ultimate needle combining LACE tip and TURBO finish in one super circular knitting needle. Perfect to whip thru projects without the lace-centric finish on the Addi Lace needle, instead featuring the fast stitching TURBO finish. Plus you have a sharper tip no matter what you are knitting.

First choose CORD length from menu/buttons below then choose TIP size from the size menu on each cord length!

Order a whole set of all 19 needle sizes and save an extra 5% off! (reg $320).

Note: SOCK ROCKETS are just ROCKETS in the smaller sizes. they are the exact same needle as the Rockets! All come with a 100% Guarantee against defects when you buy from an authorized ADDI dealer like us! Order Sock Rockets here!


Addi Rockets are a hybrid - a mix of the ADDI Lace Tip (read: Sharp) and the TURBO finish (read: FAST). They are slightly less grabby than the regular lace tips, and a tad less sharp because they have the turbo finish and coating - but they will help you knit fast and furious - and for those who like a slightly sharper tip, but want the TURBO finish, these are the needle for you!

Right: A Fabulous place to keep your circulars, Della Q's Trifold Circular Needle Case!

16 & 20" needle lengths have 3.5" tips

24 - 60" needle lengths have 5" tips

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