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Why do some sets have the 16 & 20" cords, and some don't! Because the shorter cords do not work with the longer (5") tips, so they are only available for the Short Tip Sets. Otherwise, all cords work with all ADDI CLICK sets.

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These cords will work with: Addi TURBO, ADDI ROCKET STANDARD, ADDI ROCKET SQUARED STANDARD; HOW IT WORKS: cords combine with 5" tips to achieve the desired circular needle length!


Please note: These are out of stock at our distributor, but coming soon! If you have an order on hold, or a backorder, you will get first priority on shipping! We will email everyone when we have an exact date as to when they should be shipping!

These cords will work with:Addi ROCKET Short Tip & ADDI ROCKET SQUARED Short TIp

HOW IT WORKS: cords combine with 3.5" tips to achieve the desired circular needle length! NOTE: The 16" & 20" cords will NOT work with longer tips./p>


These cords have gold ends to match the joins on the tips in the olivewood and bamboo sets!


Addi connectors are used to join two cords together to make larger or alternate length cords for your project! (Set of 2 connectors)

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Any ADDI user knows, you just cannot have enough cords for the projects at hand. What do you do when you run out of cords? Watch TV? Nooooo... you make sure you have extra cords, so you can keep knitting with those ADDIS! We've added all the cords they sell - so stock up. Need more tips - yup, we have those too!

There are different cord lengths and sets for the Basic or Regular Turbo Interchangeables, the Natura or Bamboo Interchangeables, and the Lace Interchangeables. We have found that all the cords fit all the sets. The multi cord length sets come with connectors - the naturas do not come with a connector, and the single cord lace do not come with a connector. You may also buy a set of connectors separately! Please note: the LONG tip lace tips don't really work with the 16" cords, they are just TOO LONG, so if you need sharp lace tips for a project that needs a 16" length, make sure you purchase a set of regular lace tips.

We know it's confusing - so feel free to chat with us to discuss your options, but every ADDI cord will work with ANY of the needle sets - no matter what it's called. So order the length you need or want, regardless of what the set it is supposed to belong to!

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