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Addi Rockets in 47 Inch Length

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Now you're getting serious. Serious about length - that is! You need the 47" Addi for those amazing blankets and intricate fan and feather leaf patterns! We know! And the cable just doesn't get all twisty and weird. The Lace (read: Sharper) tips combined with the Turbo Finish make them the PERFECT needle. We mean it!

Order a whole set of all 19 needle sizes and save an extra 5% off! (reg $320).

Note: SOCK ROCKETS are just ROCKETS in the smaller sizes. they are the exact same needle as the Rockets! All come with a 100% Guarantee against defects when you buy from an authorized ADDI dealer like us! Order Sock Rockets here!


Addi Rockets are a hybrid - a mix of the ADDI Lace Tip (read: Sharp) and the TURBO finish (read: FAST). They are slightly less grabby than the regular lace tips, and a tad less sharp because they have the turbo finish and coating - but they will help you knit fast and furious - and for those who like a slightly sharper tip, but want the TURBO finish, these are the needle for you!

Right: A Fabulous place to keep your circulars, Della Q's Trifold Circular Needle Case!

16 & 20" needle lengths have 3.5" tips

24 - 60" needle lengths have 5" tips

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Addi Click Tips

The addiClick interchangeable needle set is the only complete system which provides a patented click-in tip that will never come unscrewed while knitting. No tools are required to make a quick tip change; simply insert the cord deep into the tip, twist and release. Thanks to the Click’s revolutionary locking mechanism, the tips will remain secure until you choose to change them.

One connection does it all! All addiClick system parts are fully interchangeable. The complete system offers you seven tip choices (Original Turbo, Bamboo, Olive Wood, Standard Rocket, Short Rocket, Standard Rocket2 [squared], and Short Rocket2 [squared]) in sizes ranging from a US 4 to a US 19, 8 cord lengths, a multi-purpose connector, and even crochet hooks - providing you the opportunity to create just the right tool as you need it.

Addi Turbo Click Tips

When purchasing addiClick Tips, remember that the length of both tips factors into the overall needle length when an addiClick Cord is attached. Thus, be sure to select the correct type of addiClick Cord for your addiClick Tip choice:

Turbo, Standard Rocket, and Standard Rocket² [squared] tips measure 5.0” in length; two tips will equal 10” of the overall needle length when a cord is attached.

Bamboo and Olive Wood tips measure 5.0” in length; two tips will equal 10” of the overall needle length when a cord is attached.

Short Rocket and Short Rocket² [squared] tips measure 3.5” i. length; two tips will equal 7” of the overall length when a cord is attached