ZEN Needles Double point Triangular Needles in Rosewood

Zen Rosewood  Triangular Double Point  Needles
Zen Rosewood  Triangular Double Point  Needles

$13.60 After Fab Discounts at Checkout. Order one size (reg $17) or full set of 11 sizes $149.60 (reg $187). prices below BEFORE discounts: Discounts applied at checkout. Each size includes bag of 5 needles.

Note Zen 5" Double points coming soon!

Most sizes are sold out. Restock will be in March 2022

ZEN Rosewood triangular DOUBLE POINTS

Unique triangular shape makes these needles more stable and they rest against your fingers and don't roll around. Hand polished Rosewood in a dark mahogany red tone with some grain, these beautiful needles are wonderfully light and the finish and tips are perfect. These Rosewood double points come in two lengths, 7in and 5in, both great for socks, hats, sleeves, legwarmers, wristies, and, well, you name it! Exclusively available at fabulousyarn.com, also available in round shape.

These double points are extra special—our exclusive design: a uniform, triangular shape gives them more stability in your hands, less tension, and they won't roll off the table, either!

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