ZEN Needles Circular Needles in Ebony and Rosewood

Zen EBONY Round Circular  Needles
Zen ROSEWOOD  Circular  Needles

$10.00 to $14.60 After Fab Discounts at Checkout (Reg. $13.50 - $19.50)

ZEN ROUND CircularS in EBONY & ROSEWOOD: New Improved with Satin Twist!

ZEN Circular Knitting Needles... exclusively available at fabulousyarn.com, are handmade, hand-polished, luxury Circular needles in beautifully grained dark rosewood and ebony. NEW Improved! Zen Circulars now feature what we call SATIN TWIST: the tips twist so you get much less kinking in your cable when knitting. PLUS! A new type of cord that is a much more pliable and wonderful material than our previous cords. YOU WILL LOVE THESE! Available in Ebony AND Rosewood Tips.

Stay tuned - we'll have interchangeables soon! Our Satin Twist ZEN Circulars are made of dark ebony wood or reddish-toned rosewood with soft poly acrylic cords and packaged in our ZEN Pouches. All are handcrafted for specifically for us by a small family company in India. In lengths from 16in-40in and US sizing from 3-19. The tips are perfect, too, and the brass connectors smoothly finished, these needles are light and easy on the fingers, but elegant with their distinctive coloring and finish.


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