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ZEN Needles© Triangular Single Point Ebony Knitting Needles

  Zen Triangular Knitting Needles

cont'd from above the triangular shape allows your fingers to hold the needles still without the same tension as a round needle, and without the sharp edges on a square needle. So, for me, they are the perfect answer to a problem that's been plagueing me for years. And, of course, they are beautiful to hold - with a silky & unique sheen that comes from a special handwax process used by the family making these, and polished to a beautiful shine. The tips are just right, and they come in a custom storage pouch to product them. These needles are very special, and we know you'll love them as much as we do! The body of the needles is made from hand harvested, hand-polished rosewood with lovely grain and color, the inlay on the triangular top is Steamed Beechwood. These are hand made by a small family craft company in India, and the quality is beautiful. You will cherish these needles.
- Judy Schmitz


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Our Exclusive (yes, we designed them and had them made) Lustrous ZEN needles are truly unique. From their special soft triangular shape to their very special inlay top, a true luxury knitting needle. The Ebony version is darker, a very, very dark almost black, with lots of grain. Gorgeous, and great when working with lighter colors.

Why triangular? Several years ago, we were given a set of beautiful chopsticks. We loved the way they felt in our hands, and so, naturally, we started knitting with them. Over the past year we worked with a small family craft producer in India to replicate the feel of and shape of those lovely chopsticks in a real knitting needle. One of the most amazing things about these are how easy they are on your hands. I am a tense knitter - so I often cramp or get tingly on my fingers - but these needles didn't do that -
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10" Zen Ebony Triangular


Zen Needles from Fab - Inlay tops


14" Zen Ebony Triangular


Zen Needles from Fab - soft 3-sided triangular tips


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