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Artyarns Ensemble Light in F6 Winter Bark

artyarns ensemble silk light in F6 Winter Bark

F6 Winter Bark in ensemble Light


F6 Winter Bark started out as a custom color just for Artyarns Silk Essence Lace - but it is just such a stunner that we are now adding it in all the fibers, regal silk, ensemble light, beaded mohair with sequins....everything. All our custom colors will be live soon, but we just had to do this one first! Check it out in Beaded silk and Sequins Light, wonderful to work together!

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50% Silk/50% Cashmere 400 Yards, 80 Grams 5 st per inch on US 6 (DK) Needles Care: Dry Clean

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This yarn comes with a FREE instant download of the Taj Mahal Pattern. If you prefer another, please choose it from the list below and we'll email it when your order ships!


Special order your ensemble light here!

Sometimes, we don't have enough in stock, or you need a large quantity that matches - OR, you need a color we don't have on this page or in the dropdown menu. You may special order ANY Artyarns Color with us. Please note: Colors we don't normally carry have a 2 skein minimum.

Featured Pattern: The Taj Mahal Shawl
Beautiful 2 or 3 Skein Shawl Pattern! The Watercolor Shawl!
Sideways Garter Shawl
2 Color Sideways Garter Shawl Limited Time Offer - good till Sept 1
Sun and Sand Knitalong
Free with Any Ensemble Light or Ensemble Glitter Light Purchase
All Ensemble Light Colors are available with glitter

The lovely 164c with silver glitter from Vogues' Project - this color is on hand in the Ensemble Glitter light, and the beaded mohair with sequins light, as well!


601 Pinto   602 Watercolor   603 Colorburst blue   604 Cherry Splatter   605 Fruit Salad   606 Peach Floral
607 Jet Stream   608 Blueberry Scramble   511 Texas   513 California   523 New Mexico   925 Bronze Goddess
The Brand new Cosmic Color Palette is here!
CC1 Queen Blue   CC2 Hippie Multi   CC3 Dream Child   CC4 Golden Mean   CC5 Purple People   CC6 Dark Magic   CC7 Palomino   cCC8 Pink Steel   CC9 Starburst        
Featured Colors for the Taj Mahal Shawl!            
All Artyarns Ensemble Colors may be ordered with or without Glitter
298 Electric Purple   904 Mood Ring   1009 Sheik   1014 Fuji   2264 Charcoal   136 Circus          
506 Wyeth   1002 Moss Landing   193 Summer Fruit   1013 Huzzah!   1012 Lalique   1006 Stained Glass          
Highlights Series (H Series Colorways)        
H37 Bashful Pink   H36 Lovely Lilacs   H35 Wild Blue Yonder   H34 Paradise   H33 Rushes   H32 Go Green!   H31 Lilac Parfait   H30 Tutti Fruitti!   H29        
H28 Citronella   H27 Cake   H26 Tahiti   H25 Hot Orange Pk   H24 Wild Berries   H23 Emerald   H22 Vertes   H21 Inky Blues   H20 Dune        
H19 Charcoal Browns   H18 Citiscape   H17 Emerald Purples   H16 Winter Bouquet   H15 Straw. Parfait   H14 Cloudy   H13 Emerald City   H12 Antique Ivories   H11 Black Cherry        
H10 Antique Rose   H9 Forest Greens   H8 Gold   H7 Heart   H6 Burnt Oranges   H5 Violettas   H4 Scarab   H3 Sargasso Sea   H2 Lime   H1 Hot Pinks    
        Scroll Down for MORE Fabulous Artyarns Colors!
500 Painters Floral Series
501 Bonnard   502 Parrish   503 Hockney   504 Olana   505 O'Keefe   506 Wyeth   507 Van Gogh   508 Monet            
512 Moore   514 Degas   516 Koons                                
900 Stonewash Series Colors                    
901 Wild Teal Tonal   902
912 Dark Cherry   Stonewash
  915 SW Cherry Splash   Stonewash
  919 SW Adobe   923 Lady Gaga   924 Gold   Stonewash
1000 Series Dramatic Multis
1006 Stained Glass   1024 Jardin   1025 Sari   1026 Macaw   1027 Spring Parfait   1028 West   1029 Wildflowers   1030 Klimt   1031 Frida   1032 Du Champ    

Hudson Valley Hues - Exclusively Fabs!

F1 Apple Harvest   F2 Silver Birch   F3 The Mighty Hudson   F4 Leaf Peeper   F5 Cornfields   F6 Winter Bark                    
Classic Solids & Legacy Colors
2319 Lemon Fizz   2220 Pink Grapefruit   2287 Annes Pink   2308 Pale Mint   2312
Lavender Blush
  2301 Bone   2321 Toasted Almond   215 Pink Me            
250 White   246 Black   248 Chocolate   164C Vogue Blush   307 Pale Sky   332 Peridot   167 Oyster   304 Teal Tonal            
See Colors of Ensemble Glitter Light Yarn

Chromium Shawl/Wrap (Shown in H18)
Nicki Epstein Sun Shawl
F265 Undulating Leaves Shawl Pattern
Nicki Epstein Sun Shawl
F270 Clover Leaf Shawl
Nicki Epstein Sun Shawl
F267 All about the yarn




F265 Undulating Leaves Shawl Pattern

  F270 Clover Leave Shawl   F267 All about the yarn  
Nicki Epstein Sun Shawl   Nicki Epstein Sun Shawl   Nicki Epstein Sun Shawl  

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