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Artyarns Knitting Patterns | Fabulous Knitting Patterns & Knitkits for Artyarns Luxury Yarn

Artyarns Waves of Glory Shawl
Artyarns 1+1 Cowls, Capelets and Wraps

Triangulation Shawl Kit
Artyarns DUETS Cowl Kit
Watercolor Shawl Pattern
Summer Swirls Artyarns Shawl Pattern
Mayday Shawl and Poncho Patterns
Iris Schreiers new book, one + one

We'll be featuring a new project every day from Iris's new book - the book, and every yarn & color shown in the book is available for purchase via our One + One Kit Pages. The One + One Artyarns Dream & Win Contest for May is also now open!

Ensemble LIght Shawl
Hot off the presses - F270 one skein project for Artyarns Ensemble light!

F267 All About the Yarn jacket in Ensemble Light or Rhapsody Glitter Light
F267 All About The Yarn Jacket from Artyarns
ARTYARNS 265 Undulating Leaves Shawl Kit
Knitting Pattern 265 Undulating Leaves Shawl from Artyarns

F256 Alyssa Shawl Artyarns Pattern for Beaded Silk Light

The beautiful One Skein Beaded Alyssa Shawl featuring Artyarns Beaded Silk Light - shown above in H26 S.
HUG pattern F260 free knitting pattern from Iris Schreir
Above: Iris Schriers new HUG pattern!
Artyarns Beaded Tank in Beaded Silk Light or Beaded Mohair
Below: The glamorous and easy Beaded Tank Knitting Pattern E216 from Artyarns can be done in beaded silk light, beaded mohair, or beaded silk!

Artyarns Silk Mohair Dress - Design Winner from Vogue 2010 Early Fall.

Boleyn Shawl

Vogue Early Fall 2011 Lace Jacket

You can make it in Beaded Mohair or the New Beaded Silk Light!

Artyarns All Seasons Shawl
Artyarns Newest - the All Seasons Shawl - see all the lovely colors ways in their newest kit, featuring their new LIGHT yarns!
Boleyn Shawl
The BOLEYN SHAWL by Deborah Glaser for Artyarns SIlk Rhapsody Glitter Light
golden shawl e207 knitting pattern
Beautiful new
Golden Lace Shawl
kit featuring artyarns silk pearl and beaded silk pearl with sequins - available in kit form, too!

New - Artyarns Top-Down Lace Cardigan For Silk Pearl

Yarn Ecstasy - and the pattern is easy, and fun!

Artyarns Spectacular silk and beaded silk yarn gets the spotlight in Nicki Epsteins Tuscany Sun Shawl.
Easy to knit, and take anywhere!

Knitkit available here
        Silk Rhapsody Knitting Patterns
Ensemble Light & Ensemble Glitter Patterns   Beaded silk Light & Beaded Silk & Sequins Light Patterns   Patterns for Artyarns new Silk Halo Yarn   Artyarns Knitting Patterns & Kits   Artyarns Blankets & Shawls
Shawl Knitting Patterns from Artyarns     Silk Mohair Knitting Patterns   artyarns cashmere pattern   Silk Rhapsody Knitting Patterns
Shawl Knitting Patterns from Artyarns   Cashmere Lace Patterns  

Silk Mohair Patterns

  Cashmere 5 Patterns   Silk Rhapsody Patterns    
artyarns beaded silk mohair with sequins jacket     Artyarns Supermerino Knitting Patterns   Artyarns Knitting Patterns for Ensemble Silk Cashmere Yarn        

Beaded Mohair with Sequins Patterns

  Cashmere Sock Yarn Patterns   Supermerino Yarn Patterns   Artyarns Patterns for Ensemble Silk & Cashmere        
      artyarns free knitting patterns        
Regal Silk Patterns


Experienced Modular Knitter Patterns


Ultramerino 4, 6 & 8 Patterns


Free Artyarns PWP Patterns*


F222 Holiday Scarf from Artyarns   Vogue Knitting Holliday Jacket in SPLASH Silk Mohair with Beads and Sequins   ensemble yarn   Mohair Shawl Knitting Kit  
Deceptively simple pattern uses Beaded Rhapsody with sequins and silk mohair to create the ultimate knit scarf. Free with any Artyarns Purchase, or available in this KnitKit   Fantastic new Artyarns SPLASH Jacket   Looking for a fabulous project - join the knitalong with the ARTYARNS Ravelry Group! A monthly knitalong awaits....   This fabulous oversized shawl or blanket comes prepacked in 5 fantastic tonal colorways!  
artyarns free knitting patterns

View over 30 Free knitting Patterns - yours to download with any Artyarns Purchase!

View all of Artyarns PWP Knitting Patterns

Whether you are a beginning knitter, or an experienced craftster, Artyarns modular knitting patterns are a new experience. Go places with your needles you've never been! Create intricate, interesting, modular pieces, that provide new knitting challenges, & demonstrate new techniques along the way.

Artyarns Knitting Patterns are named using letters that relate to their design and level of difficulty.

The letters represent the following:
P Series: Modular Knitting Patterns
E Series: Beginner/Easy Patterns
I Series: Intermediate/Experienced

Help is always available from the wonderful Yahoo Modular Knitting Group: This group requires membership.

Artyarns Patterns
P102   Cashmere Soft Swirl Neckwarmer
  Cashmere ZigZag Panel Scarf
  Cashmere Diagonal Panel Scarf
P103 Exotic Lace Jacket
P104 Ladder Scarf
  Squared Modular Scarf
  Zigzag Modular Scarf
  Diamond Modular Scarf
  Multi-Angle Modular Scarf
  Double Knit Stripe Scarf
  Silk Diamonds Sash
  Zigzag Modular Scarf
  Ruffled Lace Scarf
  Fur-on-the-Bias Scarf
  Starburst Scarf/Shawl
  Unmitred Square Modular Scarf
Shawls & Ponchos
  Openwork Shawl
  Sheer One-Piece Shawl
  Dramatic Squares Shawl
  Flying V Shawl
  Rhapsody Rosebud Shawl
  Silk Mohair Rosebud Shawl
  Turkish Shawl
  Starburst Scarf/Shawl
  Top Down Capelet
Tanks & Tees
i98   Tonal Tee
P90   Triangle Tank
E112   Scoop Neck Lace Tee
E113   Lace Trimmed Silk Tank
Jackets, Corsets,
I92   Regal Silk Corset
I97   Cutaway Jacket
P51   Flat Top Hat
Kids & Babies
P94   Reversible Triangles Baby Blanket
E108   Top Down Capelet


  Artyarns Ultra Bulky Merino Wool Yarn

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