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Deceptively simple pattern uses Beaded Rhapsody with sequins and silk mohair to create the ultimate knit scarf. Free with any Artyarns Purchase, or available in this KnitKit
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ARTYARNS Florentine Shawl KNITKIT featuring Merino Cloud
Artyarns Gradients Lace Jacket KIT
ARTYARNS Shawl for All Seasons KNITKIT Available in 5 colorways (Knit AND Crochet)
ARTYARNS Every Which Way Shawl kit
ARTYARNS Ensemble Light or ensemble glitter light Mayday Shawl kit
ARTYARNS Ensemble Light or ensemble glitter light Mayday Poncho kit
ARTYARNS Golden Lace Silk/Cashmere Shawl kit
ARTYARNS Gorgeous 2-Fiber kit comes in a merino/silk version and a merino/mohair kit
ARTYARNS Silk Essence Transitions Shawl kit
Artyarns Circles Galore Knitkit
ARTYARNS Silk Mohair Shawl/Blanket kit
ARTYARNS Taj Mahal Tunic kit
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ARTYARNS 25 2-SKEIN Scarves Shawls and Shrugs bOOK
artyarns iris schreier's reversible knits book
artyarns iris schreier's Exquisite Little Knits book
artyarns iris schreier's Lacy Little Knits book
artyarns iris schreier's Modular  Knits book

Artyarns PATTERNS FOR knitting and crochet from Iris Schreier

Take Artyarns beautiful yarn and make a masterpiece with one of Iris Schreier's patterns or all-in-one kits for shawls, tees, blankets and wraps. We've got all of Artyarns great patterns including those featured in Iris's famous knitalongs, along with some old favorites. And yes the master insists some patterns are only sold in kits—she knows what works best!

free Artyarns PATTERNS + knitalong

View over 30 Free knitting Patterns - yours to download with any Artyarns Purchase!

Whether you are a beginning knitter, or an experienced craftster, Artyarns modular knitting patterns are a new experience. Go places with your needles you've never been! Create intricate, interesting, modular pieces, that provide new knitting challenges, & demonstrate new techniques along the way.

Artyarns Knitting Patterns are named using letters that relate to their design and level of difficulty. The letters represent the following:

Help is always available from the wonderful Yahoo Modular Knitting Group: This group requires membership.