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Lantern Moon Knitting Needles, needle cases and tape measures

Beautiful Lantern Moon Needles in Rosewood, Ebony and palmwood are the perfect companion for any knitting project.
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Lantern Moon Ebony, Rosewood and Palmwood luxury knitting needles. Handcrafted, socially conscious and just a delightto knit with. If you're wondering - yes, they're worth the money.

Lantern Moon makes beautiful and functional handcrafted knitting needles, bags and accessories. Acknowledging and supporting the skills and cultures of the people who make them and inspired by the communities that use them. Lantern Moon supports socially and globally conscious living working directly with their producers to provide income, education and self-reliance to Vietnamese women and their families.

In 2004, Lantern Moon established an educational trust fund to benefit the children of these families. The natural materials that inspire their designs are combined with traditional handcrafting skills that have passed down from generation to generation in these families. Their knitting needles are crafted in a family owned and managed business that provides training and opportunities that contribute to the economic and social well being of the areas where they are produced.

Lantern Moon knitting needles are crafted in twenty-nine steps to produce an heirloom quality tool.  Made from select hardwoods, these knitting needles use a “liquid silk” finishing process which guarantees an enjoyable knitting experience and prevents the splintering that can be experienced in a wooden needle

  Beautiful Lantern Moon Circular Knitting Needles with their famous silk satin finish in both Ebony and Rosewood. 16"-40" Sizes 3-17 $27.50 (discountable)

Lantern Moon Sox Sticks (5") double pointed knitting needles in a beautiful handmade silk gift bag - Ebony and Rosewood-


  Lantern Moon Palmwood Knitting Needles
10"/12" #10 - 19 From $14.50
      lantern moon crochet needles
  lantern Moon Rosewood Single point Needles from Lantern Moon 10"/12" #3-19 from $21-27.50
  Dramatic Ebony Knitting Needles in single pints from Lantern Moon 10"/12" #3 -19 from $22-27.50
  Beautifully handcrafted Crochet Hooks by Lantern Moon in Ebony & Rosewood

Check out Lantern Moons Fabulous Selection of Knitting Needle Cases, Woven Baskets, Organizers, bags and Carriers


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Why Ebony Knitting Needles? Because it's strong - Ebony wood is dense, and the strongest wood in Lantern Moons Arsenal. Usually a very dark brown, it is sometimes thought of as only a black colored needle, but in truth these needles run from a dark walnut to a dark cherry. One good thing about ebony wood knitting needles - if you are, like me, a tight tensiony knitter - you'll appreciate that these needles are unlikely to snap! All of Lantern Moons needs are quite strong - but the Ebony is definitely the strongest!

Rosewood Needle Characteristics
Why knit with Rosewood needles? Because they are less dense, and lighter, and actually make more of the yarns you are using easier to see - depending upon the color - wherease dark colors on the ebony needles can be hard to see. These are a lighter weight, it's true, so make sure you are a more relazed knitter, or you could absolutely snap the smaller size needles right in half. (It's never happenned to me, but I know many who have snapped their needles - regardless of wood type!)


Palmwood Needle Characteristics
Palmwood is more commonly referred to as coconut timber. It's actually a hardwood substitute made from coconut palm trees, and has a fabulous pattern that has a speckled dark brown on pale blonde. It is a plantation wood, and is farmed, and is a wonderful alternative to the destructive harvesting of other timbers.


Check out Lantern Moon Knitting Needle Cases, Woven Baskets, Organizers, bags and accessories

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