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Artyarns Beaded Silk and Sequins Light Yarn in 908 Denim Raspberry Splash with Silver


Beaded Silk and Sequins Light in 908 Denim Raspberry Splash with Silver Artyarns



This is a colorway that is oft-discussed - we started it - we thought, when we got it, that it was an error - most of the other colors in the 900 series were part of the STONEWASH group, so we thought this blue had snuggled up to a red and it had bled. Not so - the raspberry splash was very intentionally designed into this colorway, and adds soft interest throughtout your knitting project.

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100% Silk with Beads & Sequins
50 grams 100 meters/110 yards
GAUGE: 4.5 Stitches per inch on #7
Free Artyarns Pattern book with 7 patterns for this yarn via PDF download after checkout.

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H Series, 600 Series & Cosmic Colors (H series)
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(500, 1000 & F Series)(S: Silver G: Gold)

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  511 Texas   513 California   523 New Mexico   925 Bronze Goddess      
  512 Moore/ Gunmetal   514 Degas/Silver   516 Koons/Silver   1028 West/Silver   1030 Klimt/Gold  
  CC1 Blue Queen   CC2 Hippie Multi   CC3 Dream Child   CC4 Golden Mean   CC5 Purple People        
  CC6 Dark Magic   CC7 Palomino   CC8 Pink Steel   CC9 Starburst            
  502 Silver   502 Gold   504 Silver   504 Gold            
  505 Silver   505 Gold   506 Silver   506 Gold   508 Silver   508 Gold    
  H2 Cherry Pop   H2 Lime Greens   H3 Sargasso Sea   H4 Scarab   H5 Violettas   H6 Burnt Oranges    
  H35 Wild Blue Yonder   2287 Anne's Pink   1031 Frida/Silver   1032 Duchamp/Silver            
  250S   H16S   H13S   246s   H17S        
  2234 SE Ocean Jade   2321 Gold  





924G Straw


2308s Mint

  2273S   318S   H5S   908s   252S  

916S OMG Purple

  302s   H1s   272s   298s       2234
Pale Jade
  H7S   H23S   H2S   239S   H21S   F6 Winter Bark    
      H15S       H18S   H4S        
  271S   281S   316S   177S   1004S        
      313S   H11S   H26S            
  H3S   264S   251 Hot Pink                
  H2g   222g   250G   H8G   H20G        
  H12G   H5G   H22G   246G   H10G        
  H14G   H24G   H25G   H19G   H6G        
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