SURINA Crochet Hooks

Surina Double Point Needles

$5 to $9.00 After Fab Discounts at Checkout

10 inch Surina CROCHET


Our beautiful surina crochet hooks, with their lovely natural wood grain have a beautiful hand turned end and a soft, hand polished finish.

Surina Wood Crochet hooks handmade for us by a family company in India. These hooks run to a warm reddish grained color, or a paler, lighter shade. All of them are very individual, and the color and patina will vary considerable. Let us know in the comments area what type of coloring you prefer - dark, light, solid, and we'll try and match it!

Surina Wood Double Point Needles
Surina Wood Knitting Needles
Surina Wood Crochet Hooks

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