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Dream & Win with ARTYARNS!

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With May comes our newest Dream & Win Contest:
Artyarns ONE + ONE + YOU!

There will be 5 winners in this giveaway:

Two winners will receive the grand prize!


Three winners will receive

One + One from Iris Schreier

Check out all the fabulous projects from One + One on our One + One Project Pages!
  • yarn for the project they write about AND

  • a personalized, signed copy of the book, from Iris!


  • A personalized signed copy of the book from Iris
Want to win one of these fantastic projects? Heres what you do:
  • Write up a little bit about which project you'd love to make from Iris' newest book and why .... you can see all the projects here:

One + One Projects

  • Now you post somewhere on the web - but wait, don't forget to include a link to the project IN YOUR POST **REQUIRED**

  • Share your writeup with the world by posting it on the web. (It can be on any site, your website, your wordpress blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, kaboodle, ravelry, blogger, squidoo, etc...) Please note, if you do it on facebook, or any other network, it needs to be PUBLIC.

  • Email the link/URL/location of your post. (where you posted) to contest@fabulousyarn.com so we can share it! You'll be entered!


Don't forget to submit to our share & win blog - we'll still be awarding a gift certificate to one lucky winner who posts their project for all!

Some FAB winners from DAYS GONE BY!  
Artyarns Crochet Scarf Malabrigo Hat & Booties
Artyarns Crochet Scarf! malabrigo merino wool hat and booties
July Winners!  
Manitou Scarf (Rav) February Ladies Sweater (Rav)
Manitou Scarf in Malabrigo! Ravelry Ladies Sweater Pattern winner from Ravelry
June Winners
Organic Cotton Blanket Blue Sky Cotton Sweater
Organic Cotton Lap Blanket Blue Sky Cotton Little Boys Sweater
May Winners
$150 Winner! $50 Winner!

Knit-A-Long Artyarns Pattern for 'Old Fashioned' By Aurelia

NOTE: To buy this Pattern, go HERE

Hat & Neckwarmer by Laura Fortier
Rhapsody Wrap Cashmere Monkey
Markham Collar Bear in progress
Silk and Beaded Trim Top Skaters Wrap


Cashmere Monkey

Cashmere Monkey By Emily Ivey yarnmiracle.com

Here’s what I do with all that cashmere. (they aren’t always monkeys) Emily

Cashmere Monkey

Markham Collar by yarnovermovement

Ii thought i would send along some photos of the collar i knit in the most ultra-soft alpaca wool (in FAWN), i was inspired to knit something that replicates those vintage fur stoles, & i bet this is even softer. also, i sell the pdfs on my etsy shop. Also including a photo of my friend katie wearing a CAMBRIDGE cowl in blue sky alpaca in grey wolf, so soft! thanks tara-lynn

(pattern available here)

artyarns sweater
Artyarns Regal Silk Swater with Beaded Silk Trims
Attached here is a sweater I finished using Artyarns Regal Silk Black and white with Artyarns regal silk beaded for the collar, bottom hem and sleeve trim. Fun to make even more fun to wear. Excuse my limited use of the inter net to send pictures. I am a much better knitter than I am on the computer But trying. Rochelle Epstein
skaters wrap sweater

Artyarns Lace Pattern Wrap
This is what I made with 2 skeins of artyarns silk rhapsody with sequins and beads...the pattern is a simple lace pattern...love it and the yarn and only 2 skeins for a quick moving wrap...thanks!

Debbie Domby

skaters wrap sweater

Skaters Wrap Sweater

My project is actually one my mom has done for me. It is a sweater of sorts made mainly for ice skaters because it is only the arms and a head hole. That way it just keeps your arms warm because thats all you need. Also if you dont put it on it doubles as a scarf. The one she made me is made from soft veragated yarn in hot pink to purples. The yarn I like most on your website would be the Artyarns Beaded Silk Yarn in 115 Marguerita with Gunmetal Black Beads. I love pink and the beads would give it that something special. I added a picture of me wearing it. Thank you. Emma Rose

skaters wrap sweater

Spud & Chloe: Summer of Bears and Baby Things

This summer I am busy knitting for seven friends having babies in August and one in September! I have been making booties and hats, but decided for a couple of larger presents as well. I am working on the Spud and Chloe Brrr Bears, one small and one medium in Spud and Chloe fine yarn and Spud and Chloe sweater weight yarn. So far it is going really fast! The bear is waiting patiently while I finish the arms! I am going to put the eyes and nose on in Spud and Chloe Root Beer, left over from my Uptown Downtown sweater

skaters wrap sweater

Artyarns Old Fashioned Pattern

(Part of a knit along in Iris' Multidirectional Group)
Hi everyone, I'm Aurelia/monelia on Ravelry. I Knitted Iris' of Artyarns beautiful pattern Old Fashioned and here are the pictures of my project Best regards and thanks Aurelia

(NOTE: To buy this Pattern, go HERE

skaters wrap sweater

Artyarns Supermerino Hat & Neckwarmer
This is my first ever FAB project and I am so hooked! My daughter Cathy is modeling the hat I made in Artyarns supermerino 127, spring. It's a very easy pattern that I bought on the Knitpicks web store, the Meriwether hat by Alexandra Tinsley. It's just knit and yarnovers. I particularly love the shape the decreases make. I used size 8 needles and was done in two evenings. The neckwarmer...I had never paid so much for a skein of yarn and was terrified I would goof it up! It is Artyarns cashmere 5 spring 127. What a yarn! I started twice with two different patterns and then decided just to knit a rectangle. It was easier on my nerves! It's very simple, size 7 needles, several hours of garter stitch, but it is FABulous next to your neck!

Laurie Fortier
















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