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Raven Frog Fiber Handspun 100% Australian Wool Super Bulky Roving Yarn

Raven Frog Fibers Bulky Handspun



This is the most fabulous, bulky fiber you've ever laid your paws on - the closest you can get to roving and still have it be yarn. Approximately 25 to 30 yards, it knits up at less than a stitch per inch. Way less. Think of what you can make with this!

Price: $48
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100% Handspun Wool
approx. 40 yards/8 oz
17 or larger

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01 Princess Markoff   02 Field of Lupines   03 Hanging Baskets
04 Totem   05 Autumn Walk   06 Cabin in the Woods
07 Deer Hunt   08 Kelp Bed   09 Spring Berry Bush
10 Jewels of the Czar   11 Raspberry Truffle   12 Tapestry
13 Stormy Seas   14 River Bed   15 Dark Winter Brights
16 Alder Bark   17 Russian Reds    



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