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Bumps for Knitting - Super Bulky Merino and Alpaca Bumps

What are bumps? Simply put, they are giant skeins of yarn, super bulky, in both merino and alpaca, and are used to create the most fabulous home decor, or giant stitch scarves, or wraps. We feature BUMPS from Pagewood, and Bagsmith. Loopy Mango are on the way as well.

  Beautifully Soft 100% Merino Bumps
    Pagewood Farm Happy Bumps - Merino Bumps for Knitting & Crochet
  Alpaca and Merino Wool bumps from the Bagsmith, maker of Big Stitch Giant Knitting Yarns and Accessories   Fabulous merino bumps from Pagewood Farms Handyes are an amazing assortment of Brightly Colored bundles of JOY!