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Addi Knitting Needles

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Addi Knitting Needles  
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Knitting Needles
Crochet Hooks, Circular Needles, Double point Needles, Interchangeable Needle sets, sock needles, Jumbo Knitting Needle in a variety of woods and metal styles.

Interchangeable Knitting Needle Sets, Tips, & Cords

ADDI Click Sets   Knitters Pride DREAMZ Set   Knitters Pride Cubics Set Karbonz Interchangeables


Knitters Pride


Knitters Pride

Carbon Fiber Interchangeable
Knitters Pride MARBLZ   Knitters Pride NOVA Deluxe Set   Nova CUBICS Platina  
Lantern Moon
In Rosewood or ebony)
  KA Bamboo
Crochet Sets From Knitters Pride & ADDI
Dreamz Crochet Hook Sets        
NEW! KP Crochet Hook Sets   Waves Soft Grip
Crochet Hook Sets

Are you a metal needle person? Do you prefer wood, or bamboo? Sharper tip? Screw on or click? Everyone has their own knitting style - that's why we carry a full range of interchangeable needle sets.
We've tested and used all these sets - & we'd love to help you find the one that fits you best!

Looking for the perfect Knitting Gift?

Deluxe Knitting Gift
Looking for a gift? Our Knitters Toolkit is a great one - filled with lots of needles and knitknacks for the beginning to expert - all wrapped up in a Della Q Combination Knitting Needle Case!


Circular Knitting Needles by Addi, Lantern Moon, NOVA, CLOVER & FAB!

Addi Turbo Needles & Addi Lace Needles   Addi Lace Turbos   Addi ROCKETS   Addi ROCKETS   Fab Flyer Circulars          

Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles


Addi Turbo LACE Circular Needles


ADDI SOCK ROCKETS Fast Needles in Smaller Tip sizes (000-2)


ADDI ROCKETS - Fast Needles in Larger Tip sizes (3-13)


Hi Speed Nickel Circulars with Super Flex Cords

Karbonz Hi Density Carbon Fiber Needles       Clover Bambo Circular Knitting Needles   Clover Bambo Circular Knitting Needles   Lantern Moon Destiny Circulars      
Hi Density Carbon Fiber Needles from Knitters Pride   Knitters Pride BASIX Jumbo Circulars   Knitter Pride DREAMZ Circulars  

ZEN Rosewood & Ebony Circulars
(16", 24", 32", 40" US 1 - 19)


Clover Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles


Rosewood/Ebony Lantern Moon Destiny Circulars 16"- 40"

Single Point Needles in Rosewood, Ebony, Surina and Basswood Needles      
  brittany single point knitting needles   Surina Wooden Knitting Needles     Lantern Moon Knitting Needles          
Knitters Pride Color Finished Single Point Needles in 10" and 14" Lengths   Brittany Knitting Needles: Single Point   Surina Swivel Top Wood Knitting Needles   Big Stitch Jumbo Knitting Needles in Basswood   Lantern Moon Luxury Knitting Needles (Single point, circular and Sox Stix DP's)          

Double Point Needles and Sock Needles

blue sky double point gift tin needles         KNitters Pride Double Knitting Needles          
Blue Sky Rosewood Double Points in a gift tin. 28.00   Surina Wood Double Point sets in 5 & 7 lengths   Brittany double point needles in birch   Fabulous Lantern Moon Sox Sticks in a beautiful silk sack   Knitters Pride
Dreamz Doublepoint Needles (6" or 8")

Crochet Hooks & Cable Needles

crochet hooks   Lantern Moon Crochet Hooks              
Brittany Crochet Hooks in smooth and warm Birch   Lantern Moon Crochet Hooks in Ebony And Rosewood   Jumbo Crochet Hooks From Bagsmith size
N - U
  Surina Wood Swivel Top Crochet Hooks   Knitters Pride DREAMZ Symphonie wood Crochet Hooks   Cable needles in Rosewood or Ebony. Three sizes in a set      

Just Added! Addi Turbo and Lace Circular Needles


Nothing helps a project move along like the right pair of knitting needles. Especially cool are our new jumbo circular knitting needles in Surina wood - up to SIZE 50! Straight Needles, we love Brittany Birch wood knitting needles and bamboo knitting needles, too - because of their tactile feel, their ability to help yarn stay on the needle (especially SILK!) and the fact that are warm to the touch. BUT: we cannot deny the fabulousness of our Flyers - gorgeous nickel plated metal circular knitting needles that just make your knitting SING. Check out our single point Surina Knitting needles with their lovely swivel carved top -there is something here for every kind of knitter - plus gift sets & of course, for instance, our our range of travel-friendly interchangeable knitting needle sets, from ADDI turbos to Lantern Moon Ebony Sets.

Surina Jumbo Circular Needles | Lantern Moon Knitting Needles | Lantern Moon Crochet Hooks |Brittany Birch Knitting Needles | Brittany Birch Crochet Hooks | Clover Bamboo Knitting Needles, Brittany double pointed knitting needles, Clover Circular Knitting Needles, Knitting Needle sets, Bamboo Sister Interchangeable Needle Set, Knitting Needle Travel Sets | Needle Conversion Chart





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