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Addi Knitting Needles

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Addi Knitting Needles  
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Knitting Needles
Crochet Hooks, Circular Needles, Double point Needles, Interchangeable Needle sets, sock needles, Jumbo Knitting Needle in a variety of woods and metal styles.

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Just Added! Addi Turbo and Lace Circular Needles


Nothing helps a project move along like the right pair of knitting needles. Especially cool are our new jumbo circular knitting needles in Surina wood - up to SIZE 50! Straight Needles, we love Brittany Birch wood knitting needles and bamboo knitting needles, too - because of their tactile feel, their ability to help yarn stay on the needle (especially SILK!) and the fact that are warm to the touch. BUT: we cannot deny the fabulousness of our Flyers - gorgeous nickel plated metal circular knitting needles that just make your knitting SING. Check out our single point Surina Knitting needles with their lovely swivel carved top -there is something here for every kind of knitter - plus gift sets & of course, for instance, our our range of travel-friendly interchangeable knitting needle sets, from ADDI turbos to Lantern Moon Ebony Sets.

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