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Belangor French Angora imported by Joseph Galler

Belangor Pure French Angora from Joseph Galler at Fabulous Yarn  

Belangor is the most elegant angora ever. It is french born and made, and for commercial angora, comes from from the only breeder left in France who humanely grooms his rabbits. Please read about these lovely animals and the process by which they 'donate' their fur for this beautiful yarn in our Belangor Essay below.

Don’t be fooled by other lesser quality Angora blends, this is THE authentic Belangor™ French Angora. This decadent luxury fiber comes in a variety of gorgeous, luminous shades.

Extremely warm, this lighter than air yarn feels sumptuous against the skin, and is a favorite for cowls, hats, mittens and scarves. Galler Yarns has imported this yarn continuously since 1951. In 2013 this pure natural yarn, made from fibre hand-combed from carefully tended Angora rabbits, was officially designated as an Artisan Product in France.

Gauge depends on needle size - this can be knit as a DK or worsted, in a dense fabric or an open almost lacey one. Swatching can help determine correct gauge for your project; the swatch yarn can be re-used if undone gently. Every beautiful, adorable ball is it's own little ball of delight!

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Content: 100% Artisanal French Angora Rabbit Hair – Hand-combed - humanely harvested. Made in France Weight: 10 grams
Length: 33 yards
Gauge: 4 stitches per inch
Suggested Needles: US size 5 (3.75 mm); Hook size F
Care: Handwash with care, dry flat; or have dry-cleaned at a facility with experience in this kind of fiber - the fiber felts easily

Kate Middleton Cardi from Vogue Knitting (Free Pattern with your purchase)
18 (23, 25, 28) of Belangora French(angora)
• One pair each sizes 4 and 6 (3.5 and 4mm)
• Size 4 (3.5mm) circular needle 24"/60cm long
• Removable stitch markers


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How Is Belangor Angora Yarn Produced? Read on!

Galler Yarns treasured Belangor TM is donated by French Angora Rabbits who are raised on small breeding farms in France.

French Angora is special because it has more guard hair ration to wool, which allows for more intense and varied colors in the fiber.  These guard hairs provide the distinctive halo that makes the wool so popular in high fashion.

Belangor Rabbits live their entire lives on the farms. They are never sold for meat or other purposes. Those who tend these bunnies are passionately fond of their work and respectful of the health and happiness of their wards.

How is the fiber procured?

The Angora naturally molts every 90 to 100 days. The animal must be manually shed of its fur every molt or it will suffer from Wool Block, a gastric blockage caused by ingestion of their hair.

Removing the loose fur can be incredibly stressful and painful for the animal.  To provide for the comfort and health of the Angora, French breeders rely on the time-honored use of a plant-based depilatory supplement. A natural and harmless food additive, it is given to the rabbits 4 days prior to a grooming. Working with the natural shed cycle, the supplement allows the rabbit to be combed out quickly and easily, with no trauma in any way to its physical or emotional well-being. Once shed, they grow a brand new coat that must be again removed in 90 to 100 days.

Experts consider any hair removal methods that do not use this depilation method to be inhumane. Cutting or shearing requires the rabbit to be forcibly restrained, manipulated and terrorized by the noise of clippers or sight of blades. There is  a constant danger of cutting or scraping the animal’s delicate flesh. Plucking without depilation painfully pulls and tears at their skin.  All these methods cause pure trauma for the Angora Rabbit.

Fabulous yarn is proud to carry Galler Yarns Belangor = Galler is the exclusive distributor of this fine yarn. We support only the humane treatment of animals in the making of Gallers Belangor yarn, and delighted to say that all of their yarns are made with only humaney-produced fiber.

Because the fiber supply is dependent on natural molting and our farm raised bunnies, there are fiber shortages from time to time. Please know that this is a good thing; while other vendors will shear their rabbits mid-cycle – we will not and do not do that. Our rabbits live their lives naturally, not subject to our fashion demands. 



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