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Zen Yarn Garden

Beautiful base fibers hand-dyed in limited edition, one of a kind batches.

With 5 lovely fibers from ZYG, you'll find a beautifully handpainted fiber for your project! Serenity 20 is a 3-ply fingering weight yarn - available in a 20% Cashmere version (Serenity 20) and in a Serenity Glitter Sock Version, where the nylon is sparkling! They are interchangeable gauge wise, and will work fabulously with each other - mix and match between their solids and multicolors, and add a touch of glam with the sock - whatever you decide, it will be fantastic - the only hard part will be deciding! We are also carrying Serenity Silk Singles.in the ARTWALK and LIMITED EDITION Series. We are also carrying their Superine Merino Bulky, a 2 ply bulky, and CHUNKY, a single ply bulky yarn!
Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 Multicolor handpaints Zen Yarn Garden Handpainted Yarns    
Serenity 20 Fingering 3 Ply

Serenity Glitter Sock
Serenity Silk Single Ply
Zen Yarn Gardens Artwalk & Limited Edition Color Series
Zen Yarn Garden - Artwalk Series - Samaritan

About Zen Yarn Garden

Zen Yarn Garden, Inc. is based is Ontario, Canada and run by the husband and wife team Roxanne and Neville Yeun. They take pride in providing the most luxurious fibres available for their base yarns, such as merino, cashmere and silk, & dyeing them in a range of beautiful semi-solid and one-of-a-kind colourways.

Zen Yarn Garden yarn is special. They know that every hank someone buys is destined to have many hours in your stash and on your needles before it becomes a garment or accessory item that you will wear proudly. With each skein, they strive to reflect the same passion that you have for your projects and craft in their yarns. We agree with this philosophy wholeheartedly, which is why we are proud to begin carrying Zen Yarn Garden Yarns in 2015.

Neville Yeun is XYG's Lead Dyer, Production Manager & Color Chemist. He works hand in hand with the ZEN studio team to make sure that each hank of Zen Yarn Garden shines — whether you are buying a dozen for a sweater or a single treasured skein. Dyes are applied carefully and accurately to re-create colorways you love, while our painterly one-of-a-kind colourways reflect the artistry and celebration of the process. The depth, tone, and colour of Zen Yarn Garden is dyed on hand-picked, luxury yarn bases, spun in Canada. We try and purchase 6 - 15 skeins of every color we bring into fab, so that you can have enough to knit that fabulous sweater or shawl.

Neville's wife and co-owner Roxanne Yeun is ZYG's Creative Director. Responsible for managing the growth of our company and relationships with stores and customers across the world, Roxanne is constantly working to develop innovative new products and beautiful design collaborations.