Exclusive: ZEN Knitting Needles

fab zen wooden yarn bowls

Only at Fab: ZEN Knitting Needles... and bowls!
in Rosewood, Ebony and Triangular with Beechwood Inlay

Introducing ZEN©, our new Line of Rosewood and Ebony Needles and Crochet Hooks, and our very special Rosewood Triangular Needles. Our beautiful Zens are made from hand harvested Ebony and Rosewood, and feature excusive filial designs and an extra special hand-rubbed finish. Every pair of Zen comes in its own Handmade storage pouch, to keep your needles safe when not in use. (LOL). Single Point, Double Points, Crochet Hooks and our special Triangular Shaped Needles in luxurious specialty woods. Ebony and Rosewood Single Point Needles, Crochet Hooks, Double point needles and our Beautiful Triangular Rosewood Needles.