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Knitting Bags, Totes, Bags, Baskets and Needle and Hook Storage


No matter the project, or the passion, one thing a knitter or crochet fanatic cannot have enough of is places to keep their stuff. We are always searching for the perfect knitting bags - and we've found a few - Namaste, Lantern Moon, Della Q, Offhand Designs, Atenti, Hadaki and unique needle cases by Tilli Tomas, bring you countless ways of carrying and protecting your precious projects, whether on the go or at home. In a range of styles, you'll find the perfect knitting bag right here!

  Atenti Knitting Bags   Della Q Knitting Bag and Needle Cases   bollywood silk needle cases    
Namaste Knitting Bags & Cases   Atenti Bags - Handmade fabric and faux fur Totes, clutches and cases   Della Q Knitting Bags and Totes, needles and crochet cases   Bollywood Silk Batik Cases from Tilli Tomas (Straight and Circular!)    
  Offhand Designs Handmade Bags and cases   Lantern Moon Baskets, needle cases and totes   Hadaki Bags    
Offhand Needle cases for circulars and interchangeables   Offhand Designs Knitting Bags, totes and cases (interchangeable and circular   Lantern Moon Knitting Totes, Bags, Baskets and Knitting Needle and Crochet Cases   Hadaki Knitting Totes, Pods and Cases! Glamourous accessories for fashionable knitters