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Ribbon Yarn

Ribbon yarn is a very specific taste - hard to find, wonderful to knit with, its very labor intensive to produce and hence fairly expensive to buy. Synthetic ribbon yarns are easy - it's the true, purer organic material ribbon yarns that are hard to find. We are forever scouting out new sources of ribbon yarn - we currently have three.
Tilli Tomas Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn   Natural Club Paper Ribbon Yarn   Silk Ribbon Yarn

Tilli Tomas Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn
Beautiful yarn created from Recycled Saris.

  Natural Club Paper Ribbon
This delicious paper ribbon is a fabulous textural experience - and wow, at $7 you can experiment to your hearts delight. I love combining this with a soft beaded silk for visual and textural yarn play!
  Big Stitch Silk Ribbon
This uber soft handpainted ribbon yarn is just stunning - one of a kind, every roll, and luscious to knit with. 82 yards @ 34 before the discounts.