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Knit Collage Yarn

Knitcollage Pixie Dust Yarn

Daisy Chain

Knitcollage Gypsy Garden

Beautiful Knitcollage yarns are amazing and magical yarns. With their newest entries, Stargazer and Rolling stone, they've gone further to make you smile when you knit or crochet with their yarns!

The fantastical bulky yarns are big enough to make a handspun hat fly off the needles, and the silk stargazer is a lovely yarn for wraps and shawls.

Knitcollage yarn does it with whimsy and twinkle - throwing in bling, sparkle, flowers, ribbon, trim - full of imagination and fun!


Smokey Swirl + Grey Wolf


Indian Henna + Claret


Knitcollage pixie dust Knitcollage Daisy Chain Knitcollage Gypsy Garden

$30-25 after discounts

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$30-25 after discounts

Knitcollage Stargazer Yarn Knitcollage Rolling Stone Yarn  
Knitcollage Stargazer Knitcollage Rolling Stone  

$26-32.50 after discounts


Who and what is Knitcollage Yarn?

Knitcollage is a small handspun company based out of Hong Kong, and India. Amy Small, the owner, has trained and worked with a group of women to spin her eclectic yarns to enable her to produce handspun yarns that are repeatable, but are still real handspun yarns - just plain different - sunny, cheery, bright and optimistic wool, mohair and blend yarns that are, I think, a direct reflection of Amy's personality! They are very organic looking, funky and beautiful yarns. Yarns are produced in small batches by hand, and each 'lot of these yarns has it's own characteristics. They are stunning, and very much in demand - so please order as soon as you get the urge - this yarn sells out FAST.