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Who we are We are an independent, online and brick and mortar luxury yarn and fiber shop. We focus on specialized, handspun, handmade and fabulous yarns for the most discriminating of knitters and crocheters.

What this means: Most importantly it means that we try, try, try to meet your requests as accurately and as quickly as possible. We strive to get you what you want, in the best way possible. We know in the online world, everyone is used to immediate satisfaction - but please, keep in mind: these are specialized, handpainted, luxury yarns. Sometimes getting you exactly what you want (ie, a matched lot of 12) takes a bit of time.

Here are some facts about what goes on at FAB:

  • Online ordering is available 24/7.
  • The Shop is open weds - sun noon till 6pm - phone support is available then as well. Chat is available most days from 9 till 6.
  • We have an online payment system. When you place your order, it enters our system and your purchased is processed. We review orders within 24 hours. If there is ANY issue, from matched lots to missing information, you'll get an email from us. If you don't, it usually means that within a day or so you'll get a shipping notification. Happiness.
  • Our goal is to ship orders within 1 - 3 days. We usually make that goal - except during christmas rushes!
  • We use a dedicated ticketing and email system to keep on top of letting you know whats going on.
  • Our system alerts us to express mail shipments, so we usually process those on the same day they are received, depending upon the TIME and TIME ZONE. Please don't hesitate to call us with a timeframe or any details that will help us, or to check if your order has been pulled - it's perfectly fine!

Why your order may be delayed or partially shipped (backordered) There are two reasons for these things to happen:
1 - We're out! We order all the time, so more is most likely on the way - sometimes this means a shipping delay of a few days, sometimes it doesn't. If it's going to make your order ship outside of our 1-3 day window, we'll let you know. You always have the option to cancel and receive a credit.

2 - lot/skein matching. More frequently, we don't have a matched lot of skeins for your order. Since almost all of our yarns are hand dyed, hand painted and hand spun, this does happen - especially with the more exotic yarns. If it does, we'll email you and give you some options. It may say that we have 12 on the site, but in fact, we may have 12 from six different color lots. You ALWAYS have the option of cancelling your order if it cannot be shipped within your desired time frame!

Refunds, credits, etc:
Errors: If we have made an error in your order, we will cover return shipping costs, replacement costs, etc. We generally ship you your correct replacement item first, including the label in the new shipment. If it's too late and you just need to return the item, we'll email you a label to pop it back in the mail to us. We'll issue a credit as soon as it is returned.

Exchanges Please let us know in advance of sending back an exchange.

Credits If you have returned something to us, pls be patient, and we will credit you. Because we don't get a lot of them, we usually batch them and process them all at once. Credits are usually processed the week they are received. If you need your credit sooner, please let us know and we will try and go in and process it individually.

More About Us

Fabulousyarn evolved from a hand knit business called fabsweaters, which was started in 2003. When you run a handknit business, you have tons of yarn sitting around - and people kept asking to buy it - so I started selling it.

What started as a small addition to a totally different business became it’s own thing in January of 06. And what started as a simple website devoted to one or two yarns has evolved into an obsession for us, a web site devoted to, well, fabulous fibers. We’ve grown and grown over the past year, and have made the commitment to brick and mortar after all our customers hounded us to do it. And our relatives. And our local patrons. People got tired of digging thru the warehouse. This is our second attempt. Our first was a disaster owing to flooding and mold. We don’t want to talk about it.

Why a yarn store in Tivoli, New York?

Well, it started with our friend Lisa. She's a real estate agent, and our space is next to Gary DiMauro Real Estate (if you're looking for wonderful properties up here, I highly recommend them!). One look at this space - and we just had to do it. Besides getting all the yarn out of our attic, and saving ourselves serious head injury from the crossbeams, we now are part of a wonderful community. Across the street are wonderful eateries - for a list, checkout Ilovetivoli.com - but here's a sampler: (Luna, vegetarian gourmet, using local produce and full of fabulous art, and Madalin, a Bed and Breakfast with a great, Gramercy Tavern type bar, called Madalins Table - wonderful food and a fantastic bartender!). Our new space, in Tivoli, NY, is fabulous, beautiful, and just waiting for you to visit. See the Come Visit Us Page, to get directions, store hours, and, well, come visit us!




WE HAVE MOVED: OUR NEW ADDRESS IS 60 BROADWAY, Tivoli NY - just down the street from our old shop! Bigger! Better! Pinker The picture below will give you a taste of some of the beautiful stuff we carry! Comve visit our yarn wall, with over 600 skeins of luxury yarn at your fingertips!

Our First store, pictures below - when we were just starting!
  Don't forget to check out local farms and farming! The northern dutchess alliance has more about farming in our wonderful area!  






Yarn Index by Yarn Type/Content

Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca Boucle yarn

Alpaca and wool yarn

Alpaca and Silk (coming soon from blue sky alpacas)

Suri Alpaca yarn

Brushed Baby Alpaca yarn

100% Extra Fine two tone baby alpaca yarn

Wool Yarn

Handpainted Wool yarn

Kettle-dyed wool yarn

Handspun Wool yarn

Merino Wool yarn

Thick and thin wool yarn

Wool Boucle yarn

Silk Yarn

Artyarns Regal Silk

Silk and Mohair

Silk and Kid Mohair

Silk Ribbon

Ribbon Yarn

Artyarns silk ribbon

Athena Ribbon yarn