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Addi 32" Lace Turbo Circular Knitting Needles Free Shipping on ALL Addi Needles!



$11.60- $17.60 (reg $14.50 - $22) (sizes US 0 - 13)
Discounts apply automatically to this item at checkout!

Addi Lace Turbo 32" circulars are one of ADDIS most popular projects - versatile, this length works for a multitude of projects - from wraps to sweaters! Their special brass finish gives you just a little bit of extra 'grab' to make sure all those lace projects stay on the needles. Extra sharp tips lets you work intricate patterns with ease. Available in a lace interchangeable set, too!

US000/1.5mm ($14.50)
US00/1.75mm ($14.50)
US0/2mm ($14.50)
2.25mm ($14.50)
US1/2.5mm ($14.50)
2.75mm ($14.50)
US2/3mm ($14.50)
US3/3.25mm ($17)
US4/3.5mm ($17)
US5/3.5mm ($17)
US6/3.5mm ($17)
US7/4.5mm ($17)
US8/5mm ($17)
US9/5.5mm ($17)
US10/6mm ($17)
US10.5/6.5mm ($17)
US10.75/7mm ($17)
US11/8mm ($22)
US13/9mm ($22)

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Addi Lace Turbos Are Available in:
addi turbos 8"
addi turbos 8"
addi turbos 8"
addi turbos 8"
addi turbos 8"
addi turbos 8"
addi turbos 8"
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