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Addi Knitting Needles

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Addi 20" Lace Turbo Circular Knitting Needles

$11.60- $17.60
(reg $14.50 - $22
) (sizes US 0 - 13)
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Addi Lace Turbo 20" circulars are fantabulous for hats! Their special brass finish gives you just a little bit of extra 'grab' to make sure all those lace projects stay on the needles. Extra sharp tips lets you work intricate patterns with ease.Great for smaller on the neck projects, and the extra sleeve or two. Available in a lace interchangeable set, too!

US000/1.5mm ($14.50)
US00/1.75mm ($14.50)
US0/2mm ($14.50)
2.25mm ($14.50)
US1/2.5mm ($14.50)
2.75mm ($14.50)
US2/3mm ($14.50)
US3/3.25mm ($17)
US4/3.5mm ($17)
US5/3.5mm ($17)
US6/3.5mm ($17)
US7/4.5mm ($17)
US8/5mm ($17)
US9/5.5mm ($17)
US10/6mm ($17)
US10.5/6.5mm ($17)
US10.75/7mm ($17)
US11/8mm ($22)
US13/9mm ($22)

Addi's Lace Needles are available in the following lengths:    
addi turbos 8"   addi turbos 8"    
addi turbos 8"   addi turbos 8"    
addi turbos 8"   addi turbos 8"    
addi turbos 8"        



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