Addi | Limited edition speciality needles


Addi Click Basic Set
Addi Click Rocket
Addi Click Lace (Short tip)

The Addi Art series are select, handcrafted and unique knitting needles make in limited edition runs. From the Twinkly Addi Diamond with its Core of Swavroski Crystals to the 24 Karat tips, these needles are beautifully gift boxed and ready for gifting. Truly one of a kind!

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Addi Rockets
Addi Sock Rockets Squared
Addi Sock Rockets

Addi CLICK Interchangeables
Addi Ewenicorn Turbo Needles

Addi FlexiFlip Double Points
Addi Ewenicorn FlexiFlip Double Points

Olive Wood Addi Click
Addi Click Olivewood Circular Knitting Needles
Addi FlexiFlip Double Points

ADDI Multibag
ADDI Knitting Machines
Addi Click Tips