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The ADDI Basic Turbo tip for the ADDI Click BASIC set is the classic Addi tip with the standard sharpmentss and the turbo finish. These tips are 5" long. The BASIC tips are available in sizes US4 to US19 and will connect to all the other CLICK sets. These tips will not work with the 16" cord, they are too long.. ALL CLICK TIPS AND CORDS are able to connect to ANY Addi CLICK set. You can purchase the full sets here.


Long Tip Lace (Rocket Tips) (5" Tip)

Short Tip Lace (Rocket Tips) (3.5" Tip, works with 16" Cord)

Olivewood Tips

Bamboo Click Tips (5" Tip)

Short Tip Lace (Rocket Tips) (3.5" Tip, works with 16" Cord)

ADDI Cord Sets


ADDI tips are the cat's meow for extending your ADDI Click Set. All the tips and cords work together, no matter the set, with the exception of the 16" cord, which only works with the SHORT tip Lace tips.

There are differences between the tip lengths. The Basic, Long Tip Lace (Renamed Rocket - standard), Bamboo and Olive Wood Tips are all 5" length. The Short Tip Lace (Renamed Rocket - Short tip) tips are 3.5".

The tips differ in finish and sharpness. The BASIC are your all-around basic tip, not too sharp, and the tips go up to US19, so you can use them even with bulky yarns. The Long Tip Lace/Rockets and the Short Tip Lace/Rockets are the same finish as the BASIC, but have a slightly sharper tip, especially helpful for yarns that you need to work into patterning and cables. The Bamboo Tips are a wood tip, and bamboo is very light, which is great, and they are a softer wood so their tips are a little blunter than the OLIVE WOOD which have a beautiful wood grain and a really great sharp tip, the sharpest we've seen in a wood needle, without being painful!

Need more help deciding which to use? Just ask!

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