ZEN | interchangeable needle sets | Olive Wood 3.5" Tip Set

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makes a great giftOur new Zen Interchangeables are amazing! This special edition 3.5" tip set in gorgeous, sustainably harvested Olive Wood will help you create knitting magic. Luxe set of ten tips (Incl extra in size 4/5) and 4 cords accomodates all kinds of projects - and it makes a great gift, too! Includes its own custom faux-leather case. This set features the special short 3.5" Tip and shorter cords to work with the shorter tips!

see also the 5" tip set

All Zen interchangeables are hand-finished ending in a brass cap that fits securely into the detachable cords that swivel, which means your tips won't unscrew as you knit because your cable won't be twisting and turning! LOVE IT! Beautifully grained, hand polished, this set comes with a tightener, end caps, and three cords (you can purchase more separately.)

includes 10 Tip Sizes: 3.5MM (US #4) + 3.75MM (US #5) + 4.0MM (US #6) + 4.5MM (US #7) + 5.0MM (US #8) + 5.5MM (US #9) + 6.0MM (US #10) + 6.5MM (US #10.5) + 8.0MM (US #11) + 9.0MM (US #13)
includes 4 Cords/Accessories: 40CM (16 INCH) + 50CM (20 INCH) + 60CM (24 INCH) + + 80CM (32 INCH) + END CAPS/STOPPERS + faux leather case

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