GIFT SET| ZEN Rosewood interchangeable set

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Our new Rosewood Interchangeables are the perfect gift! 5" Tips that end in a brass cap that secures securely into the detachable cords. And the cords? They swivel - which means your tips won't unscrew as you knit because your cable won't be twisting and turning! LOVE IT! Beautifully grained, hand polished - this set comes with a tightener, end caps, and three cords (you can purchase more separately. It also comes with a FABULOUS Della Q Interchangeable case - so so they can take their needles everywhere. We include a packet of SOAKWASH, especially crafted for washing and knits - and the Gift Set includes Gift Wrap and Card!

Tip Sizes Cords/Accessories

10 tip sets:
* 3.5mm (US #4)
* 3.75mm (US #5)
* 4.0mm (US #6)
* 4.5mm (US #7)
* 5.0mm (US #8)
* 5.5mm (US #9)
* 6.0mm (US #10)

* 6.5mm (US #10.5)
* 8.0mm (US #11)
* 9.0mm (US #13)

3 Cords:
* 60 cm (24 inch)
* 80 cm (32 inch)
* 100 cm (40 inch)
1 set of cords
(1 each 24,32 & 40)
End Caps/Stoppers



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