Artyarns Silk Essence | 916 Dusty Purple

Artyarns Silk Essence | 916 Dusty Purple

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A deep, plum color with lots of tone and really dark purple, this lace yarn shows of this Artyarns colorway to its best advantage, with dozens of very subtle lighter and darker shades all running together, creating subtle colorshifts, and still appearing to be just a tonal. But it's really quite a lot more.

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Artyarns Silk Essence Dubrovnik
Artyarns Silk Essence
Artyarns Silk Essence
Artyarns Silk Essence
Artyarns Silk Essence

This stunning and amazing lace weight silk is a gorgeous example of how a beautiful and pure fiber can show best in the simplest form. This is the same beautiful silk single that Artyarns uses in its embellished yarn - but here it is purity itself, and alone, it shines just as bright - reflecting color, showing stitch definition, and sliding thru your fingers like, well, pure silk!

FIBER: 100% Silk Lace , handpainted

LENGTH: 400 Yards/45 Grams

GAUGE: Size US3 Needles 7 St per inch/9 Rows per inch. Weight: Super Fine (1). Dryclean/Normal/Do Not Iron

SOURCE: HAND-MADE in the US from imported japanese silk

CARE: dry clean/handwash| AIR DRY LAYING FLAT - Do Not Iron