jewel stitch markers
ringlet stitch markers
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Ringer stitch markers

Stitch markers are one of those essential tools that you don't know you need, until you use them, and they make your work infinitely more simple. Keeping track of rows, places in patterns, or just to hold a point of reference, these are elegant and helpful accessories.

And if you're a fabulous knitter, you'll want to keep track of your stitches with some beautiful stitch markers by Knitifacts, adorned with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and made of sterling silver!

Knitifacts produces these whimsical stitchmarkers for passionate knitters who like to spice up their projects with something functional. From the fanciful Shell stitch markers of blown glass, to the small but delightful 'ringlets', these little pieces will add a smile to your project. They make wonderful gifts, and are a delight to work with. We even just leave them in, sometimes!